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My Kryptonite


Before I go into greater detail; know that I don’t condone cutting out any major food group without doing your research and making sure that it is safe/pertinent to a healthier you.  I don’t believe everyone should be gluten free.  I also don’t believe everyone should be vegan, paleo, vegetarian, or any other “food fab” that is out there. We all have unique bodies that require individualized nutrition to be healthy.

However, in my life, gluten free is not a fad…it is necessary.  

What lead me to a gluten free lifestyle?

  • Growing up I suffered from a lot of mental/psychological disorders; OCD being the worst offender.  Later I found out that my OCD was a direct link to celiac
  • My hormones were extremely off balance.  I suffered painful periods, cystic acne, and during my cycle I would look like I was in my second trimester from water retention.
  • I didn’t ovulate and was told my chances of becoming pregnant were slim to none.
  • When I had my first son I drastically lost weight (I was given a strict diet of artisanal bread and whole milk dairy products to try to gain back weight) and was told he was “failure to thrive”

The last point was what led me to have testing done.  I didn’t like the answers I was getting from the doctors and knew at that point enough about nutrition to figure that what I was eating had to largely impact what was happening to my body as well as my nursing babe.

Thankfully I received a diagnosis that made a lot of sense and gave me immediate results once I cut gluten & dairy (my other major allergy) out of my diet.  The biggest and most rewarding part of going gluten free was seeing my son start to flourish while breast feeding.

Today I had a BIG reminder that gluten and I will never be friends.  I don’t eat out often, however, I am a sucker for Mexican food.  Ryan and I found a restaurant in town that seems to work great with my gut…that was until yesterday.

I’ll spare you the gut-wrenching details…let’s just say…running on the treadmill today wasn’t fun!20151221100455.jpg

After a long 6 miles…I immediately made myself my daily concoction of green/probiotic powder, maca root powder, a tincture of nettle and other wonderful herbs, and collagen peptides, (a dissolvable form of gelatin that is great for gut health).  It doesn’t look pretty, but when I miss my “sludge” too often, I can really tell a difference.


I would rather get my nutrition from food…however, these additions make such a difference in balancing my hormones, keeping my gut full of healthful bacteria, as well as providing me with extra vitamins and minerals while I’m still nursing along with running considerable mileage.

By noon time I was feeling more like myself, but it takes a a while for my gut to feel completely back to normal after something like this morning happened.

Once a month, I order bulk food from Azure Standard.  They offer a discounted price for responsibly grown, locally harvested, organic foods as well as a bunch of bulk food items.  My order looked like this today20151221100519.jpg

Ryan loves coconut water, Zevia is my guilty pleasure, (I don’t drink beer, wine, or any other beverage besides water…sometimes I like a little fizz), we buy Shelton’s ground turkey in bulk for quick, protein packed dinners, we are all in love with sun butter, hence the huge bucket of it, and I also ordered more maca root powder and mesquite powder, (which I plan to make “protein” packed thin mints with).


A nap was in order to help “bounce back” from my un-fun morning.  Trout was happy to join his mom in some R&R and Bodhi snuggled up next to us and played pbs kids while we got caught up on rest, (he is so good about letting me nap when I need it, Bodhi is legit).20151221100536.jpg

Hi sleepy face! immediately after waking, Trout rushed into the kitchen to check on his “choo choos”…the love between that boy and his trains!

Thanks for listening to me moan and groan.  Any of you fellow gluten-free folks by necessity and not by choice…I feel your pain! It sucks that eating out is such a gamble…do you eat out and maintain some semblance of  a social life? or do you become a hermit, but never have to worry about cross contamination?


Happy Monday from lil miss sunshine herself 🙁




  • Norma says:

    My thing with Hashimotos doesn’t require me too be as stuct as your case dies so we can eat out when we have to and just skip breads and daury but don’t have to be concerned about cross-contamination. What I can say is how totally worth going without is for my health and wellbeing. Because we choose to cook with only such good quality food we actually enjoy eating at home and even prefer it. I miss sharing meals with you friend. So proud of you and you’re sharing on this blog!! xoxo

    • Norma says:

      Sorry fir the typis! Iphone 🙂

    • Danielle says:

      Norma I miss your company too! I think diet/nutrition is such a great way to have one take “charge” of their health…in a world inundated with toxins, environmental threats, and a million other factors working against our health…food is one of the only things I know we can have some control over! We need to visit you!!!

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