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Getting Rid of the Clutter

Today has been yet another productive day in our household!  Our next point of interest was tackling the “clutter” in our filing cabinet…we are always trying to update files, but somehow papers seem to pile up out of control.

I would like to think I am the neat one in the household, but Ryan can really one-up me on tidiness…he even trumps me on coming up with a color-coordinated system that makes everything not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing, (you rock Rye!)


we might have purchased a label maker..and I might become a tad bit obsessed and will probably label entirely too much in my house before Ryan takes it away from me 😉 just saying…

Through all of our “organizing” we found a lot of missing items that we were needed and given up on as well as some of Bodhi’s toys…that kid can stash those things anywhere….ANYWHERE!  It was really cute that he found a “How to Train a Dragon” coloring book and after wanted to look like Hiccup….I got to braid his hair!


See his braids?


eek! he was so cute about it!!! who needs girls, (ummm, I would love one, but perfectly content with my men at this moment)

If any of you are worried that I try to stifle the “man” in my boys by making them long-haired, pretty boys…please see the following proof that long hair or not, stuffed animal wearing or not, these boys have enough testosterone to last a lifetime…they are men, no ifs, ands, or buts about it!

Ryan made Bodhi a gun out of styrofoam...our artsy-ness is rubbing off on him

Ryan made Bodhi a gun out of styrofoam…our artsy-ness is rubbing off on him

Trains! Trout is obsessed!

Trains! Trout is obsessed!

If you have been following my blog as of late, you’ll see the recurring trend in our lives of removing the clutter and getting organized.  

I was thinking about getting organized tonight before I was able to write this post and thought about decluttering in terms of running.

I think it is so important to try to cut out all the “clutter” in all aspects of life…get down to the basics and not worry about all the extras that could make one go crazy.  In terms of running I’ve tried to “declutter” by several ways.  The biggest and most valuable way has been keeping everything running-related relative to what works for me!  



time of day you train

what you train on (treadmill, roads, trails)

who you train with (125 lb stroller or nothing or no-one at all)

I have made a point not to focus on what person A is doing as far as training or what person B is eating to fuel their run.  I want to make sure I am following a plan that works for me; cutting out the “external noise” as I put it.    As a “running blogger” of course I want you to appreciate and value what I have to say and do…however, we are all alike and yet different in so many ways that it is silly to try to emulate another’s life…it’s better to gleam enthusiasm and inspiration from someone you admire!  

Running is such a point of passion and joy in my life that I would do anything to keep it that way.  My hopes is to keep running  a place I go to for peace and happiness, rather then something I try to “shove in a dark corner” and forget about.

I’m really stoked about all this organization happening over here.  


Do you have any advice, tricks, or tools to help keep out clutter?

Did any of you have a long run this weekend in the cold?



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