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Run Nelly Run

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It could be colder!

ND is not known for it’s mild winters….quite the contrary…I believe it isn’t considered cold here until the thermostat either reads -40 or your dog refuses to touch the ground with their bare paw;


My running plan this morning was to get in 14 miles.  I have set a goal for myself to make as many of my long runs outdoors as possible, (weather permitting! If there are -40 mph winds and dogs lifting paws everywhere…I might have to reside to running indoors).  It is near impossible as of late for me to run outside during the week due to lack of roads to push stroller on, (everything is snow packed and it feels like I’m pushing through wet sand).

I was thrilled to know my running bud Sarah was back from her trip and I couldn’t wait to pester her to join me for my run…she agreed and we even got the pleasure of Brittney to join us!

6:30 AM: -9 degrees…head lamps on, mittens adorned, double layer of long underwear and we were ready to hit the roads….hopefully not literally, (Last Saturday I managed to remain fall-free the entire 13 miles until the end and ate it hard…thankfully I didn’t suffer any injury).

Minus the fact that:

a. water froze in my water bottle under half way through our run

b. we ended up sporting white hair near the end

c. our coats magically sprouted white fuzz, (aka ice crystals)

It didn’t feel too cold!  It must have been the great company!


Sorry Brittney and Sarah for a blurry photo! I kind of love it…it reminds me that we are much better at this running thing then worrying about getting in an awesome photo…I am determined now more then ever to get at least one action shot right!

These ladies can make 30 miles go by in a wink…I’m also not-so-secretly hoping that I will get to join Sarah on one of her 30 miler runs…she has me geeked out about running one with her. (I ran 30 miles for my 30th birthday, but it wasn’t as enjoyable  as I’d hoped).

Moral of this story is it could be a lot colder here and chances are it will get a lot colder here before it get’s warmer; as long as I have these ladies to keep me company/motivated…I say bring it on winter!

ps…I was the slacker of the group today!

my mileage: 14 miles

Brittney’s mileage: 17 miles

Sarah’s mileage: 30 miles


in honor of the peanuts movie!

If somebody had to own the title; glad that somebody was me 😉

(obviously 14 miles is not slacking by any stretch…where is the “insert sarcasm” button when you need one?!)


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