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Run Nelly Run

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It’s all about timing!

Weather has been crazy warm…until this week!20151210064214.jpg

This is what it looked like a couple of weeks ago….


This is what it looks like now…not a ton of snow, but the roads are slick and apparently our town didn’t get the memo that I require clear sidewalks for my runs…the plows use the sidewalk as a dumping ground for snow and slush from the roads…awesome!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the snow….however, timing is everything…and guess what decided to “come down with something”


That’s right, my treadmill! for someone who relies on the treadmill to get the miles in while also taking care of two boys and everything else in my life; losing the ability to run on my machine is upsetting.


Silver lining? My boys are like their Dad…very curious about all things mechanical, I’m set for always having a handyman at my disposal!

In the grand scheme of things, a faulty treadmill is really petty to be upset about, but I’m being real about my world and when something I depend on goes awry…it shakes things up a bit.

It’s all about timing…weather is getting cold, running conditions are sketchy, and for now I am forced to make something work until I mend my ailing treadmill…wish me luck!

Tomorrow Sarah, Brittney, and I will be hitting the cold and slick roads for a long run..I’ll let you know how it goes…I will be sporting several layers of fleece and hoping water doesn’t freeze in my water bottle that I plan to bring along, (I always feel less thirsty in the winter, but know it is equally important to hydrate in the cold as it is in the heat).

I thought I would mention what I have been eating for breakfast most mornings and loving…


Lori and Michelle over at got me hooked.  I made their plantain based cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning; my taste buds did a happy dance!20151218055641.jpg

If you end up making them yourselves…I ended up not using the coconut milk and had to add 3 tablespoons of coconut flour to make it more dough-like and less soupy.  The other modification I made was omitting the “cookie dough” filling and using a hint of sugar and lots of cinnamon.  I like sweet, but making it with the cookie dough center and topping was too rich for my taste, (at least as far as breakfast is concerned).  The rolls ended up super yummy and I’ll be consuming one of them before my long run tomorrow…My motivation to get me up way too early =) 

How many of you depend on the treadmill in less-then ideal weather conditions?

Have you ever tried plantains in baking? if not, please do!


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