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What I Consider Harder than Running a Marathon

Robert Munsch has really spoken to me lately.  If you haven’t read anything written by this author…I suggest you go immediately to the bookstore and purchase one of many of his humorous, parent-relatable themed books.  

Today I felt like a character straight out of his book, “Thomas’ Snowsuit”.


The weather has turned cold and snowy, and I like it! I try to get my boys out every day for at least 10 minutes, (even if it’s too cold…we just feel better with fresh air).  

Today, while I was trying to get Trout in his snowsuit I discovered that getting my boys ready before heading outdoors, especially in winter, is tough; possibly harder then running a marathon!  I feel like if there was ever a real-life moment that could compare to the mental and physical aspects of marathon running, this would be it!

  • You always start out too fast in running.  Same theory applies to getting the boys ready…usually you’re in a hurry and speed is the object of your desire….this only leads to failure later on, (unpredicted bathroom break after snowsuit and fifty under layers have been meticulously applied).
  • There is always some kind of “outfit” plunder in at least one race in a runner’s life.  Again, same thing happens when getting your child ready to head out.  Today we discovered that Trout’s cloth diaper was poking him funny and his jeans weren’t comfortable under his snowsuit…so we dressed and undressed until we found an outfit and diaper that fit comfortably under his suit.
  • Bathroom breaks are bound to happen in both scenarios.  At least with running, a bathroom break can be remedied easily by  a skillful runner pulling off on the side of the road and inconspicuously relieving oneself.  Have you ever tried to help a child “potty” while they are in their snowsuit? I highly DO NOT recommend it….let me paint a quick picture…my son has to go really bad, zip down front of suit and pull away layers to get “bits” out and ready for evacuation…kiddo can’t hold it long enough to get everything out and away from clothing….wetness everywhere meaning another outfit change and a trip back indoors.
  • During the middle to end of your race you will contemplate many times wether or not it is worth carrying on….I can’t tell you how many times today I thought, “screw it….I’ll have the boys take turns hanging their heads out the front door and call it a win for getting some fresh air”.
  • Nothing feels better then reaching the finish line in a race accomplishing the goal you set out to do, or better.  When you get your child in their cloths, pottied, they are still happy and enthusiastic about going outdoors, and you managed to get yourself dressed in record time to make sure another bathroom break doesn’t occur….you’ll feel like you just won the race of a lifetime!


Success in today’s efforts…but not without an exhausted mom, who hadn’t even begun to shovel the driveway yet.


Was it really worth all blood, sweat, and tears for one great photo?


Yup, it really was! the boys had a blast and my driveway was cleared off ready for another snowfall.

What else did we accomplish today?  so much….oh-so-much!

Bodhi had his Christmas program…I got sappy, teary-eyed again…he did too! made me want to cry even more


It was a great program! Dad made it this year too! 


We don’t take picture taking seriously 😉


Trout sat still for 0.5 seconds and then he was running around like a bat outta some where really hot 😉


Moments like this are enough to get us through at least 10 kid arguments or other hiccups.

Apparently I didn’t get in enough activity today, (I ran earlier too)…My friend and I are wrapping up our 5th week of the Purely Twins’ Bootcamp and she joined me today in a tough workout!


one-armed pushups….she can do them in her sleep 😉


take note..we had the entire house to workout in, but we gave the boys the bigger space…ended up with dogs and kids surrounding us =)

scoff at the 5 lb weight, but if you saw the move that went along with it and the other difficult moves…5 would seem like 50!

Ended my evening sewing my niece her Christmas Gift…I really hope she likes it!



What’s your favorite Robert Munsch book?

Do you enjoy shoveling as much as I do? I actually do look forward to shoveling, I know…weird.



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