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A Child-Like Perspective

Routine is a big buzz killer in any adult life

'Let's do something DIFFERENT today.'

…how much fun is it to wake up, work, eat, sleep, repeat?  add the same ol 3 mile run, 30 minute fitness class, or checking in on social media which keeps one engaged long enough to see what your favorite hair stylist ordered at her recent trip to Starbucks and it’s pretty much determined that you’ll go crazy before new years comes, (isn’t that when we get the motivation to make a change?!….another topic another time)

Running, parenting, adult-ing can become very “routine”.  

How do I keep it fresh? I don’t always, but I sure do have 2 little people who remind me daily how important it is to make sure to shake it up on a daily, if not hourly, basis….awe…to have a child-like perspective on life again!

Holidays can seem to come and go…however, this year I have really put the breaks on getting stuck in a routine.  The boys and I have been going on nightly walks looking at all the Christmas lights….it has become quite an event and I hope it doesn’t come to an end any time soon.

12391160_10156319767375511_7145545733766883712_nTonight we had the pleasure of joining Mile One Running Group over at Oak Park for a “holiday lights” run. The park puts on a holiday light display that isn’t too shabby for a small town like ours.20151215102304.jpg


This kid! The middle picture is not great, but I had to show both because my eldest seems to feel like every photo lately of him should involve his tongue.  

In case we hadn’t seen enough lights…Ryan and I brought the boys downtown to see the holiday train all lit up for Christmas.


Between all the twinkling lights and the fact that they were on a train…we were worried Trout would spontaneously combust from all the excitement…thankfully he didn’t.



Another way I have been trying to get away from too much routine is to come up with gifts for my family that have some kind of personal touch added to them.  I took up sewing last year when Ryan bought me a sewing machine…after a lot of youtube viewing along with trial and error…I have made some headway


My niece, Audrey, is all things girl….I love her and her love for princesses, pretty things, and Elsa Hair, (which her aunt nelly seems to have lately! I love when she plays with my hair and tells me it’s princess hair…that girl makes you feel like a million dollars)  It’s safe to say, I adore her.  I have been sewing appliqu├ęs on the boys sweatshirts of their favorite things and didn’t want to leave my favorite girl out.  Hopefully she will like what I made for her!

As far as running is concerned…routine has not been a problem as of late.  I have a great coach and equally great running friends that keep me constantly interested and excited for future runs.  If you are experiencing burn-out from the routine of running, I highly encourage you to hire a running coach and find yourself someone fun to run with.

Between the holidays driving most crazy with gift-giving and traveling arrangements…I’m hoping most are able to sneak some time in for themselves…maybe a run or two?! I’m also hoping that in the “routine” of it all…you find something that gives you a child-like perspective on life!

How do you shake it up?

Are you routine oriented or like me, in need of change in order to feel sane?


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