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So Interesting!

I was running on the treadmill today when I came upon this interesting youtube video!

Wether you’re talking about nutrition, parenting, politics, religion…..everyone has an opinion and chances are there are a million and one experts that will debunk or support all of those opinions.  

For time purposes I will only talk about the latest “opinion” in regards to running.

I still consider myself a “newbie” in the running world, however, I have been running ever since I could walk…so I think that makes me somewhat of an expert, right?!

These last couple of seasons, with running, I have been particularly focused on my stride, form, gait, and cadence.  It seems like popular running literature has been very supportive about:

  • mid foot strike
  • quicker cadence
  • running with a marathon shuffle
  • Getting away from a heel strike, bounding-like form

These terms might sound foreign or you might be laughing at my “newness” to this all, (maybe this has been talk for a long time now…don’t know personally).  

Why did I find this video interesting?  I was running after watching it and started to think about my running form before I became aware of my running form.  I played midfield in soccer and was required to run the entire game.  I was particularly good at taking the ball up the sideline and centering it towards the goal for my offensive playing teammates.  I bring this up, because in soccer as well as any sport where I ran, I was told I ran like a “deer”; I suppose what they meant was I had an elongated stride  and seemed to bound effortlessly.  

Running “deer” like, in my opinion, has been scrutinized as energy inefficient.  

So, I decided to try something out while running today.  During my run I changed my form from my  “energy efficient” ways that I’ve worked so hard on to the way I used to run:

  • I focused on picking my knees up higher on uphills as well as a flat surface.
  • I really focused on dropping my arms and letting them naturally swing with my stride, (which is not contradictory, but I wanted to focus on using power in my stride and letting my arms emulate the movement in my legs).
  • I tried to touch the treadmill as little as possible; meaning I was trying to “fly” rather then hit the ground underneath me at a rapid pace, (this was the biggest difference/opposition to some of the latest running stride trends).

What happened when I did this? Magic! 

I was supposed to run at an easy pace, but for experimental purposes the last 1/4 mile I ran at a 6 min/mile pace and it felt effortless! I felt like I could have cruised at this pace for hours, (probably not, but it felt really good!)  Instinctively my body knows what it needs to do in order to run as fast and efficient as possible, I need to learn to trust that more!

Obviously I am no expert…so of course I will listen to advice from the pros, especially you Mat Nark 😉  However, I’m not going to stop challenging information out there…it’s what I do and it’s hopefully what will continue to make me a stronger runner.

Do you have a particular “running style”?

All you non-runners, what latest “popular opinions” do you love/hate?

Am I completely crazy and this is not at all relevant or good information? I need your opinions too 😉


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