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Winter Staples; great gift ideas!

With winter finally here, (meaning there is snow on the ground)….I finally feel like I can share what I love for all things winter, (a mix of running gear and non-running related staples).

  1. Women’s Stine’s Flannel Shirt.  I love Eddie Bauer! I usually shop there for anything Ryan related.  I am on the petite side so it is hard for me to fit into their clothing, but their tops are great and this flannel is one of my musts for winter wear!20151213041950.jpg
  2. My favorite sweater! Somehow I always manage to make something that is supposed to be “sleepwear” into something I wear all day long, (including my husband’s work party, oops!)  I’ve gotten lots of compliments so I don’t feel too bad about not wearing it to bed, (I am a furnace at night…a sweater would kill any chances of me getting sleep).
    see....the sweater was great for a casual Christmas party...the picture doesn't do it justice online

    see….the sweater was great for a casual Christmas party…the picture online doesn’t do it justice 


  3. Running Tights are a staple in my wardrobe.  I have short legs and no waist so while I love athleta, lucy, and Brooks a lot…Oiselle KG Tights win!  They fit well in every aspect..length, waist, level of comfort related to tightness…they don’t give you a saggy crotch either! a win for me!  I wear the KG tights for running, yoga, cross-training, and everything else in-between…I am in love!20151210064302.jpg
  4. When the weather is really cold and I want to take my long run outdoors regardless of sub zero temperatures I love my athleta Polartec Power Stretch tights.  They are fleece lined and manage to keep the wind out, (which in ND is critical for outdoor running comfort).  I have had them for a couple of years now and use them a lot…they still look and feel as good as new.
    not a great picture of the tights, but they kept me warm and comfortable on this early morning, cooler run

    not a great picture of the tights, but they kept me warm and comfortable on this early morning, cooler run



  5. Instead of your typical cider, I love to hydrate with Apple & Cinnamon Exercise Hydration Mix by Skratch labs.  I found this mix during my visit to Bozeman, MT.  The woman who was helping me at Bozeman Running Company was sipping on something that smelled like cider, she pointed out it was Skratch labs.  I bought 2 bags in good faith and I’m glad I did.  I drink a hot mug of it before my morning runs, it is heaven in a cup for me!wpid-20151118084220.jpg
  6. Winter and cold means baking in my world.  There is nothing better then hanging out in the kitchen making up a batch of blueberry muffins while your boys are playing out in the snow right out your back window.  I have celiac as well as a dairy allergy.  Baking and cooking probably looks a lot different in my world then most!  My favorite cookbook and person to follow in the food world is Ella over at Deliciously Ella.  She has created some incredibly delicious, nutritious, and easy recipes that everyone loves.  Her cookbook gets a lot of mileage in my house. Her food and philosophy in life has really helped fuel me in a positive way, (especially for running).20151213045346.jpg
  7. Socks!  Yup, I get geeked out about socks.  I found Stance socks through following an amazing runner,Steph Rothstein, over on instagram.  She posted a picture of herself during labor and all I could focus on was her cute socks.  Stance socks have a wide variety of cute looking socks to choose from; they have casual styles as well as running and skiing socks.  Please go check them out! you will become an addict like me, I
  8. Sorel Boots.  I recently purchased a pair of their woman’s slimboot Boot and love them! they are warm, waterproof, and they look cute over a pair of running tights, (which I wear 24/7)  I like looking nice while also serving a purpose!wpid-20151202063138.jpg
  9. I love coffee.  Homemade lattes are great to enjoy when the weather is cold.  I use my Bialetti espresso maker all winter long.  Thanks to my sister-in-law Val…I have become quite the coffee snob and nothing makes a better latte then with this little, stove-top device!  

    espresso + steamed nut milk + lots of froth


  10. My Burton Beanie.  I am a hat girl and running in winter requires a hat.  My Burton beanie fits my ginormous noggin and it doesn’t emphasize the large size of my head, a bonus.  20151212074512.jpg

What are your winter staples?

What is your favorite warm drink? cider, coco, coffee?



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