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Improvising, “fake it until you make it”

Just when you think you have the hang of something….

What does this mean?  well, I am officially frustrated with the tech side of blogging, (again).  I am getting quite a few random messages and I can’t post a photo from my actual post when I share a new one on my Facebook page.  All I can ask for now is please hang in there with me…I told you from the get go…I am NOT tech savvy and this is going to be a journey.

Improvisation seems to be a theme in my life these last couple of days! I have been getting back into feeling better and that means heading down to the basement to tac on miles, treadmill style.  I want to make sure my body is getting the benefit of running outdoors…which means a lot of adjusting of inclines and speeds, (well mostly incline…I like to keep my speed steady on recovery and easy days).

I’ve also been participating in an online “bootcamp” with a few friends of mine.  Brittney and I have been meeting up once a week to share the misery in working muscles I didn’t even know I had.  It’s funny how 16 minutes seems like no time at all, but 16 minutes, more like 30 seconds, can drag on when you are doing something that burns!20151210064302.jpg

Like this move!  You’re supposed to have your feet propped up on a box while you bring your knee to elbow while simultaneously doing a push up.  Looks easy right? wrong! I believe it worked every muscle in my body!


Brittney has much better form then I do! that and she is a rock star in every sense of the way…no doubt this lady has already run 8 miles, done another circuit-type training all before lunch today! I love her and admire her for her tenacity…I’ll be sitting here on my couch with my boys cheering her on with a bowl of really salty popcorn, (that’s another thing….salt! I’ve been craving it and have been trying to trick my body into thinking I’m eating more without actually eating more…your system can only take so much salt!)  Sorry, tangent.

We definitely get an award for ad-libing our work out.  I don’t have a bunch of fancy equipment, just my body weight and me. 

our box included a tupperwear container that housed my christmas decorations and our “sandbags” were actual bags I filled with jars full of dried beans, rice, legumes….it doesn’t get much more country then that  =)20151210064222.jpg

and because we are such bad-asses


Please, if you’re ever feeling like you’re just no that photogenic..come take a picture with me! I promise I will leave you feeling so much better about your own picture-taking capabilities!

So…until I can “fake it until I make it” I ask that you hang in there with me and have patience while I figure out these hopefully minor glitches.  If any of you know how I could go about fixing any or both…I am all ears!

What do you do if you don’t have the required weight at home for a work out? I’m not afraid to admit that my 25 lb toddler is used a lot for squats…or my 50 lb 5 yr old if I’m feeling extra ambitious.


our outing today included brown, brown, and more brown

ps…if you could bring some snow our way…I would be eternally grateful!  


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