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Something so Transformative and Yet so Easily Forgotten

Sometimes when your so caught up on trying to fit in a run for the day or make it without breaking down in a fit of hysterics from your childrens’ new found love of arguing; you can forget something so transformative and yet so easily forgotten; stretching/yoga.  

Really I am talking about yoga…but I think for all intensive purposes stretching is just as forgotten and equally as important in a runner’s schedule.  

Maybe the cheese really does stand alone in this scenario, but I would like to think that I am not alone in the too busy to stretch crowd.  Don’t get me wrong, I do stretch, (right after I run, I bend down to untie my shoes, I sit on the ground for 1 minute until I’m either licked by a furry critter or crawled on by a not so furry critter and my stretching goes out the window).

Today, I decided with my Boston training officially underway I want to make stretching…more importantly yoga, part of my training program.  th-2

I’m sure my coach would be appalled to know that I am not better about this very simple concept…I am not too arrogant or blind to see that making sure your muscles are properly stretched after running hard is beneficial…because it is!  I just have to make it work into my schedule in a more meaningful way.

How am I going to do this?

  1. I’m starting to set an alarm in the morning.  Being a stay at home mom as well as a mom who nurses round the clock during the night…I didn’t think it was smart to wake up until my body had adequate rest.  Now I am finding that I could sleep all day long if I were allowed….so I set my alarm for 6:30 this morning and was able to get in a circuit training workout as well as 10 minutes of good quality stretching, via Tara Stiles, before my boys woke up.
  2. After my run I am going to bite the bullet, grab out the iPad, and let my boys veg-out for 10 minutes while I do a better job stretching, (that means critters are put in the backyard too…I cannot stretch while being licked over and over again by dogs…just can’t do it).
  3. I am usually an extremely flexible person, but after today’s yoga flow, I realized I’ve lost a lot of flexibility…..this will be my motivation to hold on to while I am gaining back a desired flexibility.
  4. Write about it on my blog…the best way to hold yourself accountable is to announce it to the public…I am a terrible liar so if I miss more then a couple days of yoga…you will know.

What I hope to gain from all of this is gaining back my flexibility.  Before I was pregnant with Trout as well as through my pregnancy with the little man I was diligent about yoga.  Once I had Trout, it was another story.  I know that I have more on my plate now…but, I feel so confident that yoga is necessity in my world that I will make a point to fit it in to my life again…it’s as critical as eating nourishing foods, (no, really!)…In my humble opinion, yoga is even more critical then fitting in strength training, (yoga is a great way to build strength…have you ever held warrior 2 for an extended period of time?)

From here on out I am hoping to post once a week my yoga journey and poses I use to help improve as a runner as well as document the way yoga has transformed my life, (it really is great for stress management, energy, digestions…the list goes on).

My hips are particularly tight these days, so this flow is great!  I really like Tara’s yoga style, her philosophy about life in general, and she has follow along videos on youtube!  

Do any of you find yourself lacking in flexibility?

I am a hyper hypo…I need some zen in my life, do you need more zen too? or are you the zen keeper?


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