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What a Weekend!

This weekend seemed like an epic weekend! Races were being run all over the place!  some few mentionable runners I followed…


not only is she a great runner, she has a great kiddo and is the most photogenic person I have seen! I wish I could look as great!!!

Janae over at The Hungry Runner Girl.  I admire this lady for so many reasons I would need at least 10 posts to cover them all…for a more selfish reason, Janae is chasing the sub 3 marathon like my own personal goal, (which I haven’t voiced out loud to anyone yet, but now I have).  

She ran with a lot of heart and had to endure quite a bit of upset.  I personally think that 3:10:00 marathon is nothing to scoff at, so I am amazed and astounded she rocked as hard as she did with not feeling well….I know she will get there some day! she is incredibly hard working, determined, and humble….a great combination to get her to her running goals!


This lady is my running icon!  How someone can do what she does is mind boggling to me!  Kara Goucher ran in the San Antonio Half and won with a time of 1:11:10;  speed like hers is proof that nothing comes without a lot of hard work, determination, great nutrition, equally great coaching/guidance, a family that supports what you love and do…it’s a multifaceted package.  

I wasn’t amongst the racers this weekend, but I did have some pretty great wins myself as far as motherhood/life/being a runner goes:


I felt very honored to reign in this “superwoman” runner’s Birthday! we put in a solid 13 miles.  I lucked out with great running friends here in ND.


We bought our Christmas Tree and hung the lights & ornaments all without a tree falling on a toddler trying to pull down off the lights or a dog drinking all of the tree water, (Rouix!).  I love this time of year!


The boys and I were so pumped from decorating the tree at home we decided to go for a holiday light stroll.  Bodhi, Trout, and I had a lot of fun talking about the origin of Christmas while looking at all the lights! (I feel like a walking/talking encyclopedia a lot of the time)


We organized our front-entry closet! I love being organized…it makes the rest of my life more productive.  Ryan and I laugh when we think about why we didn’t do this right from the get go…live and learn.


Today I ran 4 miles with my furry babies.  It was another unusually warm day here in ND! I am still loving my Sauconys…I will always have a soft spot for Brooks though….It’s great to have more then one brand of shoe that works for you, options are key!

I’m excited to reveal to you all my Christmas gift to my blogging community…it will have to wait until I get it all organized! I’m hoping to leave you all feeling a little bit more in love with running, loving good/nourishing food, and being equally geeked out about the amazing people in this world I feel so fortunate to coexist along side of!

Did any of you race this weekend?

Do you have your tree up early or later in the month?

Favorite holiday movie? Mine has to be Chevy Chase, Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, and anything Charlie Brown, (Bodhi loves watching Snoopy!)




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