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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

What I’m Loving at This Moment…


  1.   My Deuter backpack.  This pack has been used through both of my boys “little” stage.  I’ve had them along while I have taken the dogs on countless walks/hikes, while mowing the lawn, shoveling, raking leaves….a lot of baby wearing has gone on in this pack!  Today I threw Trout on my back and Bodhi and I went out for a walk during his “recess” time.  Deuter does a great job fitting the pack to your body.  The weight is primarily on the hips rather then pulling on your shoulders.


       2.  Tender hearted boys.  My boys are the roughest of rough, but in the same breath they are gentle, kind-hearted people; I accredit that to Ryan, (secretly that’s why I married him! I’m a sucker for guys who make great dads).  Bodhi wanted to take his cat on the walk so he tucked him carefully into his coat to tag along.


        3.  My new Momentum Wrap!  Thanks to an amazing runner, Tina Muir, (who runs for Saucony…a shoe brand that is near and dear to my heart) I discovered these amazing, inspiring, and super comfy bracelets.  I decided to sport her logo, “Be Brave, Be Strong, Be You”  It is a great message and something I hope to carry with me on my Boston journey.


       4.  A clean fridge!  Clutter in the house usually means less productivity/inspiration in my life.  I would like to think the same philosophy goes for my kitchen/refrigerator.  I like to do a deep cleaning of my fridge twice a year.  I end up throwing out a ton of condiments, (how is it possible to have a fridge so full of condiments! are we the only ones?!)  Having a “good as new” space in my kitchen helps me stay motivated about cooking, eating healthy, and just being inspired in general to be in my kitchen.


       5.  Mexican Food.  My family and I don’t eat out a ton, but when we do it is Mi Mexico all the way.  I have been spoiled/ruined of anything fast food related ever since we went to Mexico and stayed in a remote location off the coast eating fresh fish tacos and guacamole right off the tree.  Mi Mexico makes Carnitas that make even me, a not so meat-loving foodie, LOVE eating meat.  They are amazing! pulled pork, red onion, and a ton of cilantro…perfection.


      6.  This kid and his expressions!  We were sharing a cup of raspberry sorbet and bobas, (these fruit beads that pop in your mouth…weird sounding but strangely addicting)…Trout obviously thought I had more then my fare share =)


       7.  Lavender Lotion + Serenity Oil.  I am not a sales person….which is why you don’t hear me speak a lot about the products I use and why you should use them too, (I figure, something good will speak for itself.  I am always willing to share, but I only know me…someone else might hate what I love).  Feeling sick lately and a little more stressed with the holidays…nothing takes away the stress like lavender.  I love Serenity oil…I use it on myself as well as my boys when we’re needing to “zen out”.



       8.  My boys are old enough to play with the dogs.  This is great for 2 reasons: 1.  It wears both parties out equally, meaning mom doesn’t have to do the job herself.  2.  I love seeing my puppy children being loved on by my un-furry children and vice versa…makes my heart happy.


       9.  Boredpanda: “What If Guys Acted Like Girls On Instagram?”.  Thanks to The Hungry Runner Girl, I discovered this and laughed until tears came down my face.  I loved how a guy can make something possibly, “cool” looking in a woman’s eyes into something absolutely ridiculous looking =)  It’s worth checking out!


Please check these out! there is bound to be one that will make you laugh!

       10.  You!  Without my readers..I wouldn’t have a reason to write, (even if that is only my husband Ryan, “hi Rye”).  Writing has given me a sense of self that I have been truly lacking lately and for that, I am eternally grateful.

What are some of your favorite things at this moment?

Have a happy, safe, and fun weekend!



  • Stephanie Nishek Marrufo says:

    I am loving Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee :). One cup a day warms my soul and wakes my tired new Mama brain. It’s like drinking a cup of happy ;). Oh, I have the same love for my organic Mother’s Milk tea. I’ve never been a big tea drinker, but I think my body knows how valuable this tea can be!

  • Val says:

    Those boys of yours are too cute! Hope you are feeling better! Take care!

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