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Taking it Easy & Eating Lime Cake

In my 20’s I would have been more likely to “power-through” whatever was thrown my way.  Now that I am a Mom as well as an “athlete” who has a goal in mind…I find I am more aware of the fact that “powering through” could do more harm then good and I would be better off to slow down and figure out how to “fix” whatever is going on.

In relevance; this bug.  I am telling you…the moment you say you don’t get sick often, you get sick.  It seems like I am getting more bugs these days then I ever have in my life.  I want to believe that it’s the simple fact that I have little people.  If you have had the privilege of going to a preschool to observe….you will notice some horrifying things:

  1. Kids don’t use kleenex, it’s a back of the shirt or better yet the bottom of their mom’s shirt if there is a runny nose at stake
  2. Washing hands is not a natural phenomenon.  They have to be told and if they aren’t…then chances are there are 25 little people running around with “bathroom” funk ready to be spread to the rest of the class.
  3. It is a daily occurrence that I have had a toddler want to share something with me only to cough right in my face 2 seconds later.
  4. communal kazoo…enough said.
  5. anything is fair game to be put in one’s mouth…assume everything you touch has been licked, sucked on, or a failed attempt of ingestion has occurred.

Before all of you parents linch me for saying such “horrible” things about toddlers…remember…this is merely pointing out that kids are not the best at containing “bugs” I love the little booger eaters, otherwise I wouldn’t have 2 of my own and still wanting more =)

Nature made them so stinking cute so that when they had flaws they would be easily overlooked with "baby blues' like these staring back at you

Nature made them so stinking cute so that when they had flaws they would be easily overlooked with “baby blues’ like these staring back at you

Bodhi and I always have a routine at the end of school to use the loo and wash his hands… I could have been completely off my game one day or….I got sick…no explanation needed…just a way for my body to tell me to slow the heck down.


Thankfully! my coach is having me scale back my “speed” and distance quite a bit.  I love how he has  challenged my old ways of training (the go hard everyday…don’t ever miss a day from running mentality). Right now he wants me to enjoy time off and start building a foundation for future training….so important!

I have decided that if I feel good and there is no fever involved…I attempt to do my daily run on my treadmill…if at any time I don’t feel right…off I go.

So far, the run has helped prolong the “yuck” feeling for a couple of hours….the rest of the day is resting, (as best as any mom can at home with 2 wild boys)….and to bed early, (hence, no post last night).


I had to post this picture! I get asked what my “treadmill” running looks like…here it is.  It is a toys everywhere, “chuggington” playing on repeat in the background, boys rough housing kind of atmosphere…I would go crazy with the silence at the gym.


This boys is really in to the train phase these days!  We have one of the best local bookstores in ND, they offer story time and after Trout is ready to play with their train set, (because he has already been away from his for 30 minutes).  He cracks me up…for now…it might get hairy later if this train obsession lasts well into his 20’s.

Aside from taking it easy I also noticed I’ve been craving foods with higher vitamin C content these last couple of days. As luck would have it I had a ton of limes, (vitamin C powerhouses) about to go bad and needed to be used asap. 


I looked through food gawker’s recipe database and found a recipe for Lime & Coconut Cake.  I can’t just make recipes as directed so I made a few modifications:

  • Swapped out the cane sugar for coconut palm sugar
  • Made mine gluten free by using a gluten free flour blend that I love
  • adjusted the baking time…seems like gluten free flours either take longer or less time then directed if the recipe is not already gluten free
  • Added vanilla extract to my glaze
  • Added a bit of white chocolate chips to counterbalance all the tartness from the lime zest and juice


It called for a lot of lime juice and zest, perfect!


Before icing…could have eaten as is…wpid-20151203071019.jpg

Added half the amount of icing and it was perfect!wpid-20151203101955.jpg

It looks decadent…but with all the lime juice/zest, coconut flakes, coconut oil, and minimal sugar…I am okay with getting my “sweet” fix with this while my body is fighting this bug.

Any of you fighting a bug?

What foods do you crave/eat while your not feeling well? Right now I’m craving citrus everything!  and water…..must be all the mouth breathing from the inability to nose-breath

Does it seem like kids get sick today more then they did when you were little? I talk about this with my friends all the time! it’s a split consensus.



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