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To Run or Not to Run?

I’ve had the unfortunate event of a bug that just seems to be lingering.  I thought I was over it around Thanksgiving, but it seems to have reared its ugly head again…coming back with aches, sore throat, and general feeling of malaise.  

My running assignment via Nark Running Strategies, was an 8 mile run with 3 x 10 minutes at a “cruise” pace.  Thankfully Mat texted me to inform me that my pace should be slower…he must have sensed my impending ailment.

I don’t say it enough, but I LOVE having a coach.  I highly recommend one for these reasons:

  • I am a busy mom with a already full schedule…Mat takes away the added pressure of putting together a training schedule.
  • I love having someone to “train” with.  I know he is all the way out in Albany, NY…but I feel his presence every time I put on my shoes.
  • I have quite the running team for support as well! again, they’re far away, but I felt instantly connected to them just by the simple fact that we all love to run.
  • I get to have an “excuse” for running.  I love saying, “my coach is having me run x miles today”  (I really only use this on Ryan, he laughs because he knows coach or not…a hamsters gotta run).

So….back to my assigned run…do I? or don’t I?  I went ahead and ran.  wpid-20151202063127.jpg

Thankfully I have an awesome husband who bought me a treadmill, so when I’m not feeling my best or the weather gets too cold…I always have a way to run.  The run was not bad, thankfully! I did start out feeling sore…but as I warmed up I felt much better. 

My after run glow lasted for about 2 hours  and then I’ve been silly tired since…so rest it has been today.


Icing on the cake; I received these in the mail!  I have decided that if I am to bare the bitter cold here in ND…might as well look good while doing it! I’m kind of obsessed with all things boots, (my favorite being Frye…these are very reminiscent of a pair I have).

It was freakishly warm today and I didn’t actually need these, but I had to try them out! I took the dogs and the boys outdoors for a much needed school/sick break.  It always seems to help cure what ails me when I am able to get some fresh air.



These boys can play so nicely together…almost makes me feel better, (until one of them flings the other off of the seesaw…not naming names…but the person is definitely bigger of the two).


Those eyes could stop wars…I could be seeing red and he gives me a sincere, “I love you mama” eye look and It’s game over.


This little man will stop at nothing to keep up with us bigger people!


Hoping he doesn’t learn how to scale the chain link fence like his big brother…these boys are like monkeys…I’m telling you!


Ended the day with a nice hot shower with this man! he hogs the water, but I’m okay with that. I’ve decided to share this tid bit…I need to be better about daily showers! I practice hygiene, don’t get me wrong…but it’s amazing how little “me” time I actually have in a day…and taking a “quality” shower just doesn’t seem to factor into my average day.

After a warm shower and some deep blue lotion on the back of my neck…I’m off to bed to try to shake off this bug!


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