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Quick Tuesday Happenings

I have been posting a lot of recipes these days…so I wanted to check in with you all and keep you posted on the other loves of my life other then food =)


While I was at the store looking for chili ingredients…I fell upon this! (sorry one last food thought)

I cannot tell you how excited I was.  I am not a cereal girl, unless I’m eating my homemade granola, (oooh! another recipe I have to share)…but this cereal is so nostalgic for me. I use to bring a giant sandwich bag full of this stuff to school with me every day and snack on it in-between class.  I didn’t have a lot of time to eat an actual meal in school and this was always a great thing to grab a handful of and quickly head off to class.  I’m sure that was really healthy…but I also didn’t know I had a gluten issue back then…the things you learn =)


You might wonder why I’m showing you a potty sitting on a car seat…Well, it’s my car and I am a potty-training mom right now; which only means:images-4

  1. I now have spent more time in my bathroom then I have in both the kitchen and either running trails or treadmill combined.
  2. I assume every quite moment snuck away by my toddler is a “oh-sh*t” moment, (yes, vulgar…those having to clean poop up off of your garage floor know it’s no laughing matter…unless your the one watching)
  3. I am officially saying goodbye to my sweet baby and gaining another big boy! (which I wouldn’t be doing, but he sees big brother using the toilet so much…the idea stuck)
  4. My boys prefer using the “great outdoors”…Target might be getting a few wet spots left behind in their parking lot, (sorry…it happens!)
  5. Cold weather and exposing bits don’t go together…hence the potty in the car.  Before or after a car trip, Trout is making a deposit to the potty-bank to ensure there are minimal accidents, (I also pack along an extra change of clothing and wet wipes)

It’s funny how some people get the kid who says their ready to potty train and in one day, poof! they’re good to go.  My boys decide on a whim that they despise diapers and we go on a tangent of I love using the potty/I hate using the potty for a good 3 weeks before it sticks.


Today was one of my two off days from running for the week, (I am getting used to my training schedule…the days off are tough!)  I suppose people might look at me funny when I say that I miss running when I have only been away from it for less then 24 hours…I can’t really explain other then…we all chose our crazy, this is mine!

They're inspiring, right!

We’re headed in to our 3rd week of the “Be Fit Be You” bootcamp.  I am loving the variety the girls have thrown our way.  Somedays I’ll think, wow! did I work hard enough? (only to wake up in the morning feeling muscles I didn’t know I had) today was obviously tough!

Variety is the spice of life in my world!

I highly recommend checking the Purely Twins blog out.  If you’re ever needing inspiration, these girls have plenty of it…there one of my go-tos when I’m in a “funk”.

Hoping you’re loving the recipes.  I love sharing what we eat and hopefully others will love it as much as my family does.

Any other potty training moms out there with funny potty training stories?

What is your “crazy” of choice?




  • Val says:

    My body hurts from PT girls. What do you do to warm up and cool down? I muss these steps and the end up super sore.

    • Danielle says:

      Good question Val! Warm up for me is usually the run I do before hand…If you aren’t running like I am…I would suggest their warm-up; 1 minute plank, 1 minute bridge (lie on your back and press up with your hips), and 1 minute jumping jacks (they do kettle bell swings..but if you don’t have them this is a great option).
      Cool down is really important! I like to either do some sort of quick “yoga flow” like stretches or plain ol stretching. I have a foam roll too and that is used. Epsom Salt baths and “deep blue” massage oil from DoTerra are also great. Lastly, WATER!!!!that’s the easiest way to help with recovery =)

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