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It’s So Easy To Forget


It’s the eve before thanksgiving and I have already spent my fair share in the kitchen, (I’m not complaining, I love to cook.)  I am really excited to share with you all my recipes and holiday food recap…I committed to a feast of sides with a “side” of turkey/desert this year.

Thanksgiving is one of those very few holidays that I think everyone can agree upon, nothing beats getting together with family and friends and enjoying a big feast while mulling over what it is we are all thankful for.

However, I think it is all too often missed the idea of indulging in what’s healthful and empowering instead of over indulgence followed by guilt, fear, loathing.01a5f49a9c9dab360e1a1c6158a98999

As a runner and a mom who also nurses…it could be really easy for me to eat what ever, whenever.  But, I realize that even with the holidays here…I would pay for that philosophy doubly with a horrible run the next day or a sugar hangover not even a 3 day juice cleanse could remedy.

In addition, what am I teaching my boys?  I feel like the holidays can be such an easy way to teach unhealthy life practices like:

  • Eating much too little throughout the day and then overdoing it at a meal, because you “deserve it”
  • Running too many miles in order to feel justified in binge eating later
  • Going into the the holidays with a “screw it” mentality, You’ll work whatever “damage” off with a new years resolution
  • Drinking, exercising, eating in excess period.

How am I approaching this holiday?  MODERATION…

How am I sticking to the moderation theme?  By being thankful for my body that I have…wanting to continue to have health and success in the body that I have, and in my world….be able to appreciate and enjoy my boys in the body that I have for years to come.

So for this year and hopefully this holiday season it will be to focus on being thankful for me, (yes, that sounds incredibly narcissistic…but, I promise…it’s okay to be thankful for oneself! after all we only have one body and it should be honored).

I feel so incredibly honored that my body has put up with some of the sh*t I’ve thrown it’s way.  Even though I’ve never been one to treat the holidays like a mini vacation from my normal everyday healthful practices, I want to try to go into the season with the intention of putting more good into my body rather then harm. Thankfully, I have a husband who supports me, two children who adore me, and a bunch of friends and people around me that inspire me to always stay committed to healthier living.

With that being said….

A quick recap of my day:


I’ve been feeling guilty about running on my treadmill.  It’s so silly really, but now that I have a running coach I don’t want him to think I’m not trying my hardest, (even though running on the treadmill is still trying hard!)  Today the wind was cold and pushing against the stroller for half of my run, ugh! 8 miles total with some strides and I was ready to call it done.wpid-20151125075509.jpg

I had to share this! I’m still learning my timer on the phone! 😉


Started soaking my grains for my sprouted flat bread.  I am anxious to share with you all the recipe.  Sprouting grains is a great way to “unlock” their nutrient power, (soaking/sprouting takes away their “anti-nutrient” protective coating…more on that later)


My sweet potato soufflé is done!  I also was able to make up a bunch of other sides too…so hopefully, HOPEFULLY tomorrow will be fairly easy going.


he’s going for it….


almost got it….

Success! this boy could not be prouder of himself lately.  He thought he was pretty clever figuring out he could get the stool over to the ice-dispenser and get something for himself…must be those big boy pants making him feel extra big!


And because big brother wasn’t going to be out shined by little brother.  It is impossible to keep cloths on my men these days…anyone else have that problem with the little people in there lives?

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  (Be safe!)

What are your plans for the holidays?

Did any of you have multiple Thanksgiving dinners to include everyone in your lives?








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