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Floors are Finished! & Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

We can finally start moving our things back into their rightful place! It has only been a total of 5 days, but it seems like eternity when you are constantly having to watch where your toddler steps in fear they will step on a staple or tac strip.

We were literally held captive in the over-stuffed school room for a couple hours today…what did we do you might ask?


Trout worked on his color matching skills, (after one effort with help…the kid had it down!)


Rouix decided the overcrowded room was as good of a place as any to take one of his stellar puppy naps; that man can lay down some zzzz’s whenever, wherever.


I have been craving fat and salt….ate an entire avocado with 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds with my salad today

I took my lunch and tried to eat a salad while Trout and Bodhi climbed all over me; there was literally not a single spot of floor left in that room.

The boys had a blast watching the crew work on our floors!


I realize that carpet is not “in”  these days….but to bring our floors up to match the already existing hardwood would have cost more then we were willing to spend, (at least a couple hundred running shoes!)  Our house is almost entirely hard surfaced floors, so the carpet is nice for the boys and their rough housing…We’re also secretly hoping that we will have another little person crawling on them too some day…

The rest of the day consisted of putting furniture back where it belonged.  I was also joined by my friend Brittney to do another great work out for our Be Fit Be You Bootcamp with the Purely Twin ladies.  It is always nice to workout with a buddy…especially with someone as driven/athletic as she is, (Mat Nark…I have another runner for you!)

I also bit the bullet and went to the store to buy ingredients for the holiday meal.  I am excited for my menu!


  • Whole cranberry sauce, (yes, from the can…I am not taking on everything from scratch!)
  • Impossible pumpkin pie, (no crust, no dairy, no gluten…but so so good)
  • Vegan Pecan Pie
  • Vanilla bean coconut milk ice-cream

Tonight I decided to make ahead the pies.  



before & after picture of pumpkin set up beautifully! success!



This pie is single-handedly my most favorite desert! it is creamy, nutty, carmel goodness that always delivers!

Tomorrow I start sprouting my grains, setting out my bread to get it to dry out, prep my veggies for roasting, and make ahead my soufflé.

How many of you are hosting Thanksgiving diner?

What is your favorite dish? I can’t decide! I’m a side dish kind of girl..hence all of my sides!

Favorite pie? Pecan pie!




  • Sacha LeClaire says:

    Yummmm! Danielle I need your pie recipes!!! I need to make pecan pie today, I would love to try yours 🙂 Is your pumpkin pie vegan too? And your ice cream recipe!! Please, pretty please :o)

    • Anonymous says:

      Sasha, I put a link to recipes that weren’t mine. The pecan pie is deliciously Ella’s recipe. I subbed almond butter for the cashew butter and used less dates in the filling, (I thought it was sweet enough). Hope that helps!

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