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Taking Care of Myself & The BEST gf Sourdough!

It is rare that I get a virus in our household, I think it’s the universes way of making sure someone is always available to take care of the ailing.  However, I went to bed the other night feeling less then wonderful.

I instantly knew that my day today was going to have to be low-key if I were to stand a chance on recovering as soon as possible.

It’s funny how having a real bad bout of mono can make you realize just how un-invincible you really are.  Last year this time I started out with a stomach bug, Bodhi got it, (up all night with him after being up all night with myself), turned into a kidney infection, double ear infection, strep…..and then….MONO!  I was worse for ware to say the least.  

What I gained from all of that was the power of my body to heal itself, (with a lot of patience and time) & to take time off when time off is needed!  It is so easy as a mom, athlete, wife, business woman to put your needs last…but it is so important to take care of your body.

Back to today.  I decided no run was especially important.   I read about athletes running with a cold bug and doing fine…I just know myself well enough that one day away from running is better then 3 months due to being really ill.


I posted myself doing the workout on Instagram….as soon as I was finished with 16 minutes I was back to sitting around, drinking water, and eating as much food as my body would allow, (that’s another thing…I like to eat more to keep up my strength)

Today I did do my 16 minute full body strength routine with the Purely Twins.

We are into our second week of the holiday bootcamp and I am loving the variety!  I think variety is key in my life.  I get bored fairly quickly with routine and like to switch things up.  I am the person who rearranges her furniture every season or used to dye my hair a ton, (which I decided 3 years ago that I wouldn’t anymore…embracing the natural).

We had to stick around the house today waiting for the flooring guys to show-up so it really was the best case scenario for being under the weather.




Trout sporting his baby leggings…we are pants free until we get the hang of this potty training thing…which he is doing great with!

I took Captain America and “boy with stick” outdoors for a while so they wouldn’t go too crazy.  It’s funny that us parents convince ourselves that what our children need are all these fancy toys when really all they want is a stick, some dirt to dig in with said stick, and a costume that probably cost less then the box the elaborate toys came in, (that we don’t need to buy).  I appreciate that my boys love the outdoors and feel it is critical that they spend at least an hour a day outside, (even if it’s frigid…we will go in the garage with the doors open to shield us from the wind)

So aside from today’s happenings.  I have to let you all in on some amazing bread that I have had the privilege of eating.


I don’t usually go crazy for store-bought gluten free bread; in my opinion a lot of the breads out there are no better then eating a hostess cupcake.  If I’m going to eat “bread” I want to feel nourished, not reaching for more, (because one slice never satisfies).

My friend and her husband sadly moved away from ND, like so many do.  However, they did leave me with the inspiration/desire to eat even better then I was.

Long story short…they set out to make a tasty, healthy, gluten-free friendly sourdough bread that would be good for their son as well as the rest of us seeking something better…Enter Simple Kneads.  

Real quick on why I love it:

  1. The bread is “heavy”.  To me heavy bread equates to “nutrient dense” (try picking up wonder bread…light as air)
  2. My boys loved it! 
  3. It had a great sourdough taste and smell….in my house that is a bonus!
  4. It comes in 3 varieties: Sourdough, Pumpernickel, and Quinoa Power grains…I love variety!
  5. The packaging was aesthetically pleasing.  I am a sucker for something looking wholesome…just adds to the experience.
  6. Tristaun is great to work with! if you’re having ordering issues..this company will not let you down.
  7. I plan on using in my dressing recipe for Thanksgiving and will have to share it once I do.
  8. I love that when I am buying this bread it is supporting my friends.  I am all about that!


We’ve already polished off 3/4 of one loaf and have only had it for a couple of days; so it is highly recommended in our household!  If you’re interested in ordering some you can order it on their site or Amazon.

Hoping I feel better tomorrow and excited to share with you our new floors!

Do you need to eat gluten free like my family?

What are your favorite gluten free breads?





  • Sacha LeClaire says:

    Hi Danielle! I am so glad you and the boys like the bread! Thank you so much for your insights! I am loving browsing your blog, you have also always been an inspiration for me, to keep fit and expect a lot out of yourself! I miss you! Looking back on our time in Minot, I am really thankful for the people God brought in my life and the lessons in gratitude learned there! Like you said in one of your posts, how important it is to learn to live and enjoy every moment of the present! This is the day which the Lord hath made, let us be glad and rejoice in it! I hope you feel better soon, much love to you and your beautiful family!

  • Thanks so much Danielle for your words of approbation and delight. I enjoyed reading your post made me miss you guys. I am so proud of the breads we have developed here at Simple Kneads and excited to finally be offering them online. Hope you stay healthy and “helpful” to those two little treasures (and your bigger one too).

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