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Capitalizing on “off” Running Days

Putting in the miles is obviously a huge part of marathon training.  However, I have learned in the very near past that strength training is equally as important.  

You would think that my background in alpine skiing would have instilled the importance of strength training as part of my running routine….I guess I just never made the connection, silly I know!

I have posted in the past my hidden “secret” strength training spot….the high school steps, (if you live where I do…please come join our little group! the more the merrier!)wpid-20151122084941.jpg

I haven’t hit the steps in a while.  It was a happy reunion, (the wind was even cooperating and pushing us up the hill/steps…maybe wind isn’t completely evil).

Steps have been great for me for 2 reasons:

  1. It improves my form.  You can’t be sloppy hitting every step.  It keeps me driving forward, my body over my hips, and allows me to maintain a forefoot strike.
  2. It quickens my cadence…which I feel helps prevent injury…I also notice I am speedier with less work.

Today was a mission of 2; Ryan and me.  We of course had our little family along for the ride.  Bodhi does great with entertaining himself, (and Trout most of the time).  Today the train trumped our efforts to keep Trout happy and Ryan and I took turns adding extra strength to our training by lugging this guy up and down the hill.wpid-20151122084956.jpg

If you head over to my instagram account you can see us in action =)

I’ll mention again…we are renovating our house step by step and the latest project has been redoing our main level floors. 

How do you capitalize on bare floors while you wait for your new flooring?


Potty train!  This man has been cloth diapered, (with intermittent disposables when we are traveling).  Our personal experience with cloth diapering has been this: 2 yrs of age = ready for potty training child.  I don’t know if we lucked out or if our children just hate to be changed every hour or immediately after their wet…but both of our boys have been early potty trainers.


Trout thinks he’s a pretty big deal in his new “britches”.  The beauty of sub floors….no worries if their is a failed attempt to make it to the “potty”.  Trout has been doing so great, we couldn’t be any prouder, (I think he is such a sponge…he sees his big brother doing something and he immediately wants to follow suit).

Trout has also been LOVING gymnastics, (like his big brother).  I asked if I could take his picture and he stuck a perfect tripod! (he has been practicing these in class…what a ham!)


When I asked again if I could take his picture he struck this pose…wpid-20151122085036.jpg

We might be starting a new habit in Trout’s world =) 

Tomorrow floors go in and Trout and I will have to get real serious about making sure to keep a portable potty in every room so there is less room for error, (I’d like to go at least a week without anything “spilled” on the new floors).

I ended a great day with my 2 furry babies.  The wind has been horrendous lately and they have gotten the short end of the stick as far as activity goes.  Tonight it was just the 2 critters and mom.

Tulee, my sweet girl, (I always tell her "us ladies have to stick together")

Tulee, my sweet girl, (I always tell her “us ladies have to stick together”)

my main squeeze Rouix. He is my shadow...where I go he follows...I don't want it to be any other way!

my main squeeze Rouix. He is my shadow…where I go he follows…I don’t want it to be any other way!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Any parents have potty training success tips they’d like to share?!

How many of you consider strength training equally important as miles run?




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