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It Isn’t Always About Running

I really had no direction I wanted to go in my post today.  I did leave out some eats yesterday as well as cross training thoughts that I wanted to include today.


Animal protein and I are not always the best of friends.  This comes as a shock to all of you who know that I’m married to a hunter, but I suppose that’s why they say “opposites attract”.

I discovered these hemp burgers and am in love.  The best part is, Bodhi and Trout love them too! these will be a staple in my freezer for quick lunch/dinners.


In case you’re wondering…we eat catsup on everything! I’m sure it has something to do with candida issues, but I would like to think it’s just because the red stuff makes any meal amazing.


I discovered a bag of snap peas ready to turn in our fridge and decided to whip something up; ended up being a big hit with all three of us! (Bodhi, Trout, and me)

Snap peas, garlic, sesame oil, braag’s liquid aminos, and sesame seeds….mmmmmmm!


Bodhi wanted mashed potatoes for dinner, (he loves starchy comfort food as much as I do).  I didn’t use any cream or stock and they turned out great.  I will be using the recipe for Thanksgiving.  I also made up a salad dressing using an almost bad grapefruit juiced, apple-cider vinegar, EVOO, salt, pepper, and a hint of maple…it was really refreshing…again, will use for thanksgiving salad.


I need to invest in some weights and kettle bells!

I am almost through my first week with the Purelytwin girls and their holiday bootcamp.  I am always looking for ways to incorporate strength training without a gym or a lot of equipment.  So far I am happy with how it’s going….don’t take photos of myself well…sorry guys!


My running life is a mere fraction of everything else I consider important, (don’t get me wrong, I love to run…just have lots of other loves too)….Like my sweet puppy boy who thinks he is really a human with a serious hair problem, (yes, he is really curled up in my lap like my boys do when they have fallen asleep from a head rub).


This might be happening at our house right now.  My real desire is to be a husband/wife team where we demo homes and refurbish them for their new owners; a girl can dream right! until then I will put Ryan to work making improvements, (I would love to join him but there is always a little person needing attention….can you relate?)


Both of these were taken by my friend Russel who enjoys the beauty of life in the mountains as much as I do!


I had to share these photos! The fish photo is of a brown trout, only my favorite of trout, (aside from my little man Trout Tobin).  The scenic shot was taken in WY where our as-good-as family friend Russel lives, (at least part time and the other half he’s slumming it with us here in ND).  

These photos are my zen.  I find nothing more desirable then to be amongst nature again in this form some day,  hopefully sooner rather then later.

I will be printing these on a canvas and hanging up in my house.  It’s a great reminder of what it is that Ryan and I are working so hard for; we are hoping not to retire in ND.  I like hanging photos up of things that inspire me to work towards a goal/dream of mine. I do that with blogging too…I love reading other runner’s blogs; they always leave me inspired.





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