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A Typical Day of Eats

I don’t know if I would describe what I’ve eaten today, “typical”.  I feel like my diet varies quite frequently.  You won’t see me eating the same thing more then how long it takes to finish our left-overs.

I do love staples….but I am a big advocate of changing it up.  I love discovering new recipes.  I also enjoy eating as seasonally as possible, local if allowed, and always gluten and dairy free.

So here is what I ate today…

I started off my day with lemon juiced in water.  


aside from nursing all night, (because I do)…I generally wake up thirsty.  I love drinking a tepid glass of water right away to get things moving.  I do not like iced water EVER.  I like being able to do more than sip; iced water never leaves me feeling hydrated.


Yes…for breakfast I had cake! Well, “cake” might be a stretch.  I made Deliciously Ella’s beet root cake.  I swapped out her maple syrup for dates.  I used homemade applesauce in my recipe and I also bumped up the amount of beets used for the cake portion.  The “frostings” include the center that has coconut cream, sunbutter, a dash of agave.  The frosting on the top is coconut cream whipped with a dash of vanilla and organic sugar, (not much, just a dash).

I like to make breakfast heavier in carbohydrates….fuels me better for my usual morning runs (this “cake” has a healthy amount of fats too with the coconut cream and sunbutter).


I drank a warm glass of Skratch labs apple + cinnamon before I hopped on the treadmill and ran my workout for the day, (70 mph winds equals no outside with kiddos in stroller)


Lunch was leftovers from yesterday.  I recreated a burrito bowl we had while in Denver….the boys and I love them!  

I also ate 2 clementines and drank a Zevia for lunch.


Not a huge fan of Toblerone! I prefer other chocolate…I am actually not really into chocolate at this moment….my body doesn’t seem to want it, hmmm…..

Before I took my boys to gymnastics, (which ends up being gymnastics for me too with Trout being a little young to participate solo)  I broke off a couple pieces of chocolate….I woke up from a power nap with Trout and needed a way to perk up fast!

Dinner was simple. I roasted sweet potatoes with himalayan sea salt and cinnamon.  I wanted something starchy and comforting….this fit the bill.


I had dinner around 6 pm…I’m still pleasantly full and not craving anything to snack on….I consider this dinner a win for me personally….

I realize that what I eat in a day might not suffice for other’s appetites.  I know that my husband needs his “animal protein” and my diet would leave him listless.  

I didn’t put amounts other then the 2 clementines and 2 pieces of chocolate.  I eat what I need and have been stopping when I’m full.  I gage if my diet is going well by wether I maintain muscle, energy, my health, and well-being.

Tomorrow might be completely different.  I suppose that’s why I can’t say this is a typical day of food.  I’m trying to eat more like my toddlers!

speaking off….wpid-20151118084318.jpg

This man climbed to the top of the rope ladder at gymnastics for the first time!!!!! I am so proud of him and his perseverance.  He is a force to be reckon with!


Oh, and while he has brute force…he is my tender hearted, artistic soul….the boys made “chinchilla” sock puppets at the Taube; Bodhi was proud of his work!


This guy….oh this guy! he melts all of our hearts and is not going to be left behind.  A frequent saying in our house is “monkey see monkey do”  He is all about mimicking the bigger people in his world.  

PS….if you’re wondering if I’m a short order cook for my boys? yes and no.  I always gage what to give them to eat based on their activity level and willingness to try something new, (if they are okay with “weird” new foods…I know their hungry and need to feed them more!)  Today they ate a mixture of what I ate and what Ryan likes, (I had sweet potatoes for dinner…they had snap peas, hummus, and turkey sausage).

Are you a creature of habit/routine? or are you like me and like to change it up?


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