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The 3 Superfoods I Can’t Run Without!

While my blogging journey thus far has focused on all things motherhood, running, “wife-ing”, and just being me in general…I have to get back to my roots. Nutrition.  

Without my journey with food I wouldn’t even have the privilege to be blogging, running, mothering at all.  Food really has been my medicine and it is the single most important thing to my success in the world of running.

Quick disclaimer.  I am not claiming to be an expert on all things nutrition (yes I have a degree in health & human development, dietetics and yes I went on to work on my masters in holistic nutrition)  However, I am an expert on all things me.  I have worked a long time on discovering what works for my body and expect my journey to be a forever one, (after all we are always changing, growing, evolving, aging…yikes!)

So without further ado….The 3 superfoods I cannot run without!LCHF-mat2-ffffff-butter-lower-1200x376

  1. Protein
  2. Carbohydrate
  3. Fat


Sorry if this is a huge let down, but I will get to my point. Promise.

Without protein, carbohydrates, and fat we would be unable to exist.  

  • Protein is the building block for muscle.  Runners need muscle in order to propel forward.  Wether you get it from animal or plant sources…you just won’t function without, (maybe you could…for a while…but eventually your heart, the biggest muscle, would put up a fuss)protein2
  • Carbohydrates are our bodies first source of fuel.  Our brains rely on carbohydrates for energy.  I think all too often people associate carbohydrates as bad and they should avoid them, but I don’t agree.  Your body won’t agree either; cut out the carbs and cut out your hard-earned muscle…your body will get its energy anyway it can, trust me.Carbohydrate
  • Fats.  Agh, fats…never has anything gotten such a bad wrap.  Yes, avocados and nut butters have really brought this superfood back into the spotlight, thankfully.  However, it should be noted that fats are essential!  Fats, (more specifically cholesterol) is the precursor to all of our hormones….no fat, mixed up hormones, equals unhappy body.


    “I don’t get it….fat’s are bad? but carbohydrates, like this fat-free, sugar ladened cupcake are okay?”

Yes, there is so much more that the 3 major food groups are good for….but I am trying to make a point, you can’t cut out one without having something go wrong.

I’m laying down the foundation folks….this is where I started on my food journey.  First I had to learn what each nutrient meant and why it was important and then I built off of that to find out what kinds of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins worked for me.

Getting back to the basics is easy, cuts out the fads (kale, quinoa, coconut anything…I love you, but my oh my we can’t just have a little bit of a good thing!) I’m not saying don’t eat the “superfoods” but I do encourage everyone to stop and think about the importance of balance.  Quinoa and kale are great, fantastic actually.  However, if all you consume is kale, nothing else…you’re missing out on so many other nutrients that other foods have to offer…see where I’m going.

Now for a little bit of today…wpid-20151111084128.jpg

I decided to see how “tough” I could be in cold weather.  I love wearing running tights, but sometimes I feel like it’s good to break out the shorts and see if you’ve got what it takes, (after all, races can be brutal weather wise).  Happy to say that my legs didn’t fall off.



I love this photo, he looks so little here!

Grocery shopping is a challenge for me.  It is inevitable that I will end up having way too many “un-listed” items in my cart…these Kale chips were one of those items.  Bodhi LOVES kale chips, I don’t love how expensive they are, (especially when I can make them for a lot less)…his insistence won today.


Bodhi rocked it at gymnastics today! he is officially part boy, part monkey!



Thanks to trains on youtube and plenty of montessori learning manipulatives from Bodhi’s preschool years…Trout patiently waited while I focused on his brother’s schooling.

Happy Wednesday everyone and hopefully a great Thursday to follow!

What would you like to know about related to running and nutrition?

What are your favorite food fads, least-favorite food fads?

Does anyone else cringe watching someone climb a rope ladder, (all I can think about is rope burn)





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  • Larissa says:

    What percentage of our diet should be fat, protein, and carbs? This is where I really struggle!

    • Danielle says:

      Larissa, I know you’re going to hate this answer….but I don’t think there is a correct percentage. Every body is so unique in nutritional needs. Some people do really well eating primarily carbohydrates with a little bit of fat and protein and then there are others who thrive on a high fat, high protein diet with restricted carbohydrates.
      I think it’s really important to journal what you eat, (not how much as far as percents, grams) and how you feel after, (paying attention to running and recovery too, if you’re a runner)…I know this is not a quick fix answer…but it takes a while to figure out what works for your body and I believe that the time and effort is well spent.

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