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Home! & How I View Nutrition

After an all night car trip and a day of resting and seems “normal” again.


Bodhi was back at taking photos of his crazy mom who get’s way too excited to run on a treadmill.  Please excuse the crazy outfit…it gets HOT in our basement; me + heat = misery.


Today’s run:

2 mile w/up

10 x’s 1 min. @ 3K pace w/ 1 min. slow jog in between

2 mile cool down

I am really excited to report that after all night of sitting in between two carseats sleeping in a pike position, my body felt great and my quicker paces are getting stronger.  

After a much needed “speed” work-out, (I am quickly realizing in my coaching journey that I have a need for speed and need to learn to dial it down.  But! Coach Nark would be really happy to know that I am starting to appreciate my easy days, because they make my “speedier” days so much better, (my body really does like rest).


The best way to end a run…snuggles with my little Trout.  I eat up these moments when he falls asleep in my arms. The only way to unwind in my mind.


I also received this in the mail!  I am beyond thrilled that my hard work payed off and I will be among a ton of other love-of-runners this April.  I definitely don’t take this sort of thing for granted; enter Mat Nark.  I keep telling myself enjoy the journey, because it goes by in a flash.


Audrey and Bodhi enjoying an afternoon stroll…Bozeman has so many great trails!

Speaking of going by too fast…I really had a great time watching my boys catch up with my family.  I am all about family and nothing makes my heart happier then seeing us all together.  


starting top left: salmon w/ sweet potato hash, gluten-free monster cookie dough, hemp-seed burgers, Hummus w/ snap peas, roasted veggies.

I also thought I would share some of our eats from today.

I get asked a lot about what I eat? How do I make sure I maintain my milk supply while running? The not so fun question, but often asked…How do I stay thin? (I really don’t like when people talk about my weight…I really try to focus on my health these days and not what a scale says…but I get it…again, my own personal insecurities.)

Food is fuel for me.  I try to relay that to anyone interested in altering their diet.  I really like to avoid the word “calorie” and replace it with “energy”.  Some of my food rules these days are:

  1. Energy out equals more energy in.  Meaning, if I am running more, nursing on a regular basis, and just being a busy mom means I need to eat more food.  Our bodies are pretty reasonable.  Eat enough good quality food and our bodies usually remain happy, (usually).
  2. Don’t fixate on things being “good” vs. “bad”.  I eat what makes me feel good and sometimes that means a cookie.
  3. Eat like my toddlers!  I have found after having my boys that they are really in tune with their bodies.  Some days they will eat like a high school boy after football practice and other days they act as if they are fasting.  Over the years I have found a HUGE connection between food and emotion.  I am trying to re-train myself to eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full, (such an easy concept right?! not in my world…this one is a daily struggle).
  4. Variety! It is so easy to stick to the same thing; after all if it isn’t broken.  However, I don’t like to take a lot of vitamins and I think the best way to keep your body from being deficient is to eat a plethora of foods so that your less likely to miss out on a key nutrient.
  5. Don’t worry about what others are eating.  My body is my body.  Your body is your body.  This may seem elementary, but I find that so many people follow their friends/spouses/co-workers diet only to fail miserably.  Food and our journey with it is about tuning in and listening to how your body responds.  I know what works for me and leave it at that.

I’d love to go into nutrition more… Maybe post a days worth of eats..or talk more about my experience with nursing while running.  Let me know please!

ps  while my back ground is in nutrition, I am not using my blog as a way to treat, diagnose, or prescribe a way of eating to anyone else! this is all what I do. (I feel this is important to note)

pps  I might have ended my night with these guys!wpid-20151110083745.jpg

I couldn’t help myself! When you’re a stay-at-home mom who can drink only a thimble of wine before passing out…your social hour consists of running with amazing folks like these!  Thankfully they were willing and gracious about me snapping a pre-run photo.




  • Erin says:

    Great post! I would love to talk to you more personally about nutrition and how to focus on that way more at the moment so it’s easier once I get back into marathon training! My SIL is a health coach, but I think it’s easier to work with someone who has a good running background!

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