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Run Nelly Run

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Not so Fun Sunday


Awe, bad days….I think we all have them.  

I think bad days are like training for a race or a running goal.  If you never had a bad run you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the really awesome runs.  Hmmm….I feel like I’m trying to sell snow to an eskimo.

Without indulging…today was tough.  I find that when I do have those inevitable bad days…I ultimately end up gaining something from it in the end.  Today, I have no idea what I will gain other then complete exhaustion.

The flip side!wpid-20151108083811.jpg

these gremlins got to hang out together!  I am beyond thrilled that my boys get to spend quality time with all of their cousins, (sorry Benny! I didn’t mean not to have a picture of you up too).  

My sister and I swore up and down when we were younger that we would be living near each other raising our kids side-by-side.  Here I am living a state away and no chance of moving closer;  I am a family person so this concept is tough.

Aside from training for marathons without the support/help family living in close proximity or missing out on the every day things…I could find myself going crazy on a regular basis.

How do I keep it together?

  1. Chances are someone has it a lot tougher then I hopefully every have to imagine, (ends a pity party every time)
  2. I snuggle my boys and remind myself of everything great I do have
  3. GO FOR A RUN!

I’m telling you…running has probably saved me on thousands in therapy.  Today was no exception to this rule..  I hit the trails here in Bozeman, (too in the zone to stop and take a picture, sorry!) and felt my tension melt away.  I have a long way from feeling better…but the run helped a whole heck of a lot.

Here’s hoping to a better Monday!

Do you use running as your therapy?

How do you bounce back from a bad day?


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