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Run Nelly Run

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Soul Satisfying Kind of Day

Today was yet another running adventure for me.

I woke up my kiddos and Mom early to meet up with the Bozeman Running Company, (BRC) at a recreational area to partake in a morning run.  I showed up and there was no one to be found.  Freezing and feeling guilty about waking my family up early…people finally showed up; though, at that point I was ready to run solo.

4.5 miles later and I was back at home, frozen, a little disappointed, and guilt-ridden.  I always have a twinge of guilt when I ask my family to watch the boys while I go out on a run by myself….No one ever lays on the guilt, just my own insecurities.

Tried my first “picky bar”  this morning before the run!  “cookiedoughpness


I thought it was good, not great.  I love the flavor.  But, I didn’t know what I thought of the brown rice crisps.  I don’t know if it was just my bar, but it was kind of stale, soggy in texture.  I am hopeful that I will find one that I love.


I also tried Skratch Labs, “cinnamon + apple” drink.  It was literally like drinking cider.  I was in love.  I bought up the rest of the BRC supply and am looking forward to sipping a hot cup of Skratch in the morning before my daily runs.

So, my running adventure wasn’t a complete success, but my goobers had a great day running!



Tulee and Rouix are in love with the snow! it is so soul-satisfying to see them happy and running like puppies again.  I feel awful on a regular basis I moved them to the midwest; my dogs are mountain dogs at heart.


I think Bozeman is good for all of our souls; the boys hung out with their cousins at the Museum of the Rockies, (sorry for the blurry picture; didn’t know if I could take them inside…trying to hurry).


We enjoyed another yummy lunch at the Bozeman Co-op.  I have the sweetest niece and nephews!


Trout was not having it at lunch today.  Sometimes he is a rock star and stays put…most times he is running around like he owns the joint.


Tomorrow will be a “rest” day from running.  I am excited to join my Sister and her family sledding up at Bridger Bowl.  We are a snow-lovin kind of family!

Does anyone else feel guilty asking their family to watch their kids while out for a solo run?

What does your soul good? 



  • Val says:

    I miss the boy mostly, but I know family is there to help, plus it’s nice spending time with just the kids too. Take advantage, that’s what family is for!

    • Danielle says:

      I miss my boys too on runs…but I feel like I’m a happier mom when I can head out on my own for a quick run. Thanks Val for the love and support!

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