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Eating Gluten-Free in Bozeman

Gluten-free or not gluten-free…it seems like it is a preference these days.  However, for my family it is a must!  

Bodhi and I have been certifiably gluten intolerant since 2010 and I don’t think I will ever go back or can if I want to keep my health.

Eating out is really tricky for Beez and I both.  I have found that in most cases I end up eating prior to “eating out” or forgo going at all…it’s just not worth the pain and insult endured later on.

Bozeman is great for those looking to eat gluten-free.  Here are my top eateries


I wish you could breath in the aroma! okay so not all of their goodies are gluten free, BUT they do carry enough to satisfy any belly.  


If you are looking for charm, quant, and a down-home cooked feel I really wouldn’t bother with any of my other favorites…there is enough menu items to keep you hooked for weeks, (or if you’re like me, you tend to pick a favorite and stick with it)

wpid-20151106041911.jpgToday I had the vegetable beef soup.  Nothing says comfort during colder months then a bowl of hot soup.  I’m not usually a beef lover…but the pieces were so tender and the balance of salt and spices made this soup good to the last drop.wpid-20151106041837.jpg

Bodhi gave his chili a huge thumbs up!

wpid-20151106041848.jpgTrout devoured my gluten free bread! didn’t even give me a chance to taste =)wpid-20151106041827.jpg

Look! we are all staring at the camera at the same time!  The beauty of this place is the sense of “calm” it seemed to bring over my boys….an entire meal, everyone stayed in their seats, ate all their food….SUCCESS!

  • The Nova Cafelogo

Located downtown Bozeman makes this appealing for more then just their great eats, it’s steps away from shopping!  I am not a shop aholic myself, however, I will even find a shop or two that are worth spending an afternoon meandering in after a yummy breakfast.

They have a great menu with so many gluten free options.  Bodhi is a huge fan of their baked goods…and it is always easy pickings, everything they bake is gluten free!

I recommend their Turkey Hash…it has roasted turkey, pine nuts, avocado, veggies…topped off with poached eggs, heaven.

Eating pizza gluten free used to be fo paux; thanks to determined bakers gluten free pizza is really enjoyable.  

I prefer my homemade version of “pizza”, but Ryan is in love with the pie as well as our eldest. I used to go to Mackenzie….never again after a trip to Audrey’s.  Nothing against Mac River….just prefer Audrey’s. Audrey’s gluten free crust will have you questioning wether it is actually gluten free or not.  It is that good!  

Ryan’s recommendation: Bozeman St. Gluten-free style!


This is my go-to eatery when I’m in town visiting family.  Technically the Co-op started out as a grocery store.  They expanded into a deli/salad bar/caffe/juice bar.  Now, they have two locations, (and I think possibly a 3rd in the making?)  

My mom and I prefer the downtown location.  Their menu is dependent on the day of the week, (the “indian” night menu is the best in our opinion!)  They have a ton of gluten free options as well as food that I can pick up for the week and keep at my Mom’s to make sure my boys and I have plenty of nourishment.

My gluten free recommendation from the co-op is hard to nail down to just one! they are just so diverse! I love that they have so many options for every dietary need, (vegan, gluten free, dairy free, paleo)…it is a “foodie” mecca.  

Bodhi’s recommendation: Roasted chicken…get’s it every time!

My pick: Their gluten free, vegan cupcakes with coffee buttercream! I think I had a dream about them every night for a week after I left Bozeman.

What are your favorite eat spots in Bozeman?

Sorry if I offended any Mackenzie River Pizza fans; we can agree to disagree 😉



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