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Runners Make the Best of Friends…and the only place to get coffee

Hey all! I am loving my trip in Bozeman.  Today was nothing but great again.  

Started and ended my day with a run!wpid-20151105045823.jpg

Tried to get the mountains behind me, but my big head got in the way.

These two were obviously not fazed by the cold.


After our chilly morning run we hit up my favorite coffee stop in Bozeman, MT….

Wild Joe’s Coffee Spot

I am not going to toot my own horn here…but I kind of consider myself a coffee aficionado. Case in point:

  1. Started drinking the hard stuff, (black, straight up w/ 2 ice cubes) at the ripe age of 2 1/2…Mom worked at a nursing home and I wanted to chat it up at the resident girl’s social hour.
  2. My first job was at a coffee shop.
  3. My first job moving to Bozeman, MT was at their was coffee hot spot, The Leaf and Bean, (which sadly is no longer around).
  4. My last for-fun-job was at a coffee shop, (hut style, working on my masters and pregnant with baby #1)
  5. I drank so much coffee that I now cannot tolerate caffeine and have to resort to decaf, (for shame! I know)
  6. I now have my sons hooked on the hard stuff, (don’t judge…they wanted a sip of mom’s drink…it was that or a major melt down..what would you have done!) (ps…I only let them drink water-processed decaf…I’m not a terrible mom)

I just recently discovered Wild Joes….but this place has trumped all others, in my opinion, as far as Bozeman coffee shops go.  wpid-20151105045415.jpg

First off, they let me stand behind their counter so I could take a picture of the baristas in action… by the way they were busy non-stop…I guess I’m not the only one who loves this place.


Ambiance is big in my opinion.  I want to go into a coffee shop and feel instantly at home.  There was lots of art work, (we have a lot of art work up at our house), they have comfortable seating, and there was a noise level that was calming not annoying, (you know what I’m talking about, right?)


Their drink options are endless.  I dare anyone coffee lover or not to not find something there they wouldn’t want to drink.  Their menu ranges from straight up americano, (which is how I judge a good shop from a bad one…espresso says it all), mochas, chai tea, all the way to affogato, (espresso poured over coffee ice-cream, heaven). Oh and they use Monin syrups, (they are high-quality flavoring, a little goes a long ways and the flavors are amazing).


This is Trout’s “hurry up with the coffee” face


ahhhh! coffee!


I got a matcha latte with hemp milk.  Doesn’t get more “hippy” than this….but it is earthy with a touch of sweet and oh-so-creamy!


Mom got a coconut milk latte…I love foam art!


and because coffee just isn’t coffee without a cookie…we got one of their gluten free deserts…there was not a disappointed stomach in our crowd.  

Ended my evening with a group run held by the Bozeman Running Co.  It was a great turnout and I got to run with an equally great lady!  


It’s amazing how you can go into a run with a complete stranger and come out the other side friends/running soul sisters. Running naturally makes you feel good with all that lovely serotonin/endorphins….throw in conversation with someone who is amazing in their own right, (which Megan is!  talk about someone awe-inspiring)…I don’t know how we haven’t figured out how to end wars with a simple “group run”…I might be onto something!

If you’re feeling lonely or blue….or just needing to find a great running bud…I encourage you to check out your local running group.  I admit I was nervous/hesitant going into it tonight, but so glad I put my nerves aside; best decision of the day.

What are your favorite coffee drinks?

Do you have similar “running group” stories?



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