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Where to go to get Running Shoes in Bozeman, MT

Today was my first official day in Bozeman, MT.  I cannot say enough great things about this place!  It is a mecca for college students, outdoor enthusiasts, hipster parents and their equally hip kids, retirees who enjoy a beautiful view as well as the first shot at fresh powder, there isn’t a single person this town wouldn’t appeal to!entry_header

I thought I would give you my opinion on the who’s who around town.  For all things running related the only place I go is the Bozeman Running Co.5805301_orig

After running 7 miles in some wet snow and wind, (haven’t got my snow skin on yet…so this run hurt a little).  I treated myself to a trip downtown/main street where they’re located.


There are several reasons why this company is great:

  1. They have a friendly and knowledgeable staff.  This is critical to a novice runner who wants to do it right.  A good fitting shoe and the right gear can make any person fall in love with the sport.  It goes the other way too, (I can attest…tried on the Hoka One Ones….they are heavenly to many, but I didn’t enjoy them).
  2. They have a variety of great shoes.  Their shoes range from trail to road, minimalist to maximist, and everything in between.  But, you won’t see any shoe brand/style that they don’t personally stand behind, which I love.wpid-20151104065138.jpg
  3. They carry Oiselle clothing, enough said.
  4. They help put on some amazing races! I just ran the Bozeman Half, thanks to the great staff and support of the BRC.
  5. They carry a lot of other great goodies too… these!wpid-20151104075210.jpg

I have been anxiously awaiting the chance to try these bars! They had all the flavors and I will make sure I do a taste test and opinion post for you who are as curious about them as me.

They also had some great hydration/electrolyte replenishers wpid-20151104075219.jpg

I know several runner/bloggers who use this brand and I have never had the opportunity, so I’m excited to have my first “skratch” experience.  The sales clerk was so sweet too today.  She had a hot mug of something “cider smelling” and yummy.  She kindly let me sniff her mug and told me that she was drinking the “skratch apple + cinnamon”…SOLD! I’m an easy sale.

I am trying to submerge myself in the running world as much as possible, so after asking what they had as far as running groups…I found out that tomorrow evening I will be meeting them for a shorter run and hopefully Saturday morning I will get to join them again for a longer run.  I love meeting new people and running is a great way to get to know someone!

Keep coming back for more Bozeman info…tomorrow:

The Best place to eat in town if you’re gluten free.


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