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Road Tripping

If you are like me, and family is split up between several different states; it is inevitable that you will travel for an extended period of time in a car crammed with kids, dogs, and tired adults at least once a year.  

I am all about family, (they are the glue that holds everything together in life), meaning we road trip A LOT.  Lots of road tripping means:

  • more anxious toddler adventures, (as well as a toddler who discovered he has motion sickness…one trip, 12+ hours, vomiting, and smelly dogs…that trip was a treat for the senses you all)
  • finding out just how many ways you can take a pee on the side of the highway without being discovered by bored truckers
  • or my favorite nursing a babe without taking him out of his carseat, (yup, it can be done…it’s just not pretty).

To start off our most recent adventure as well as to include the running aspect of road tripping I made sure to get in a solid longer run to help appease my anxious legs


Plane tripping would be ideal, but since we don’t own rights to any oil that I’m aware of…we will be hitting the rubber old-school style.  Having a longer run under my belt before driving kept my “inner bear” at bay…it was my sanity life saver.

Another critical component to our car trips are snacks! Big meals just don’t sound appealing to any of us.  These are my musts for road tripping snacks:

  • grapes; they are easy to transport, relatively mess-free, and they hit the spot when you’re craving a candy bar, but don’t like the blood sugar crash from consuming one.wpid-20151103095244.jpg
  • Veggies and hummus; I pack baby carrots, cucumbers, and store-bought hummus.  Everyone in my family loves them and the protein from the hummus takes the edge of hunger until you can eat something more substantial later.wpid-20151103095235.jpgwpid-20151103095258.jpg
  • Fruit snacks/suckers.  Yes, they are not a “super” food, but when you’re toddler has asked you for the 100th time when you will be at your destination….this gives you 10 seconds of silence, (which might not seem like a lot, but this could mean the difference between arriving alive peacefully or the alternative “mom get’s road rage” 12:00 news story).
    I buy this brand on amazon, lbs at a time...they keep forever and are a lifesaver at times.

    I buy this brand on amazon, lbs at a time…they keep forever and are a road tripping mom’s lifesaver.


  • Salted nuts or a “healthier” version of chips.  I grew up eating salted pretzel sticks on family road trips, some traditions just get carried on no matter how much or little sense they make.  Something about munching on something crunchy and salty keeps me peacefully chugging along for hours at a time.

I am pretty sure you could google a million and one ways to keep your kids happy while road tripping, so I will spare you with what we do. I will say that we are the family that condones iPad usage.  Yes, back in the day we didn’t have any of that “non-sense” to keep us entertained on long car rides, but, BUT…I didn’t have to sit in a 5-point harness for 10 hours at a time either.  We were free to roam around the vehicle at all times…I have empathy for my little people so an iPad is necessary to a successful road trip.

My other runner tips while road tripping is to bust out your braiding skills and practice while you’re road-tripping partner takes the wheel.


Running with long hair makes braiding essential in my world.  I got bored, can’t read because I get car sick too, so this is what I came up with, (will I actually do this for a race in the future? maybe…don’t know if a side pony is good for longer runs…do you guys use braids too?)nauseareliefusingsea-band

by the way…if you get motion sickness, these are a lifesaver! they have kid sizes too!

Lastly, I wore compression socks.wpid-20151103095307.jpg

I had a longer run that morning, I was going to be going up in elevation on our trip, and I just wanted to see if this helped my legs feel less heavy after sitting in a car all day.  After waking up this morning and getting up I am happy to say that my legs do feel better then they normally do after a car trip.  The true test will be when I do my Fartlek run today.

What are your road tripping essentials?

What do you do to ward off carsickness?


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