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Making It Work

If you’ve ever wondered how a stay-at-home Mom with 2 boys  as well as a desire to tackle the running world attempts to homeschool…please keep reading.

Homeschooling for us is pretty low-key with 2 boys under the age of 6.  I always figured if I was going to be a homeschooling mom, I wanted to start off when the boys were young enough that there was “wiggle” room for tweaking future schooling tools, tricks, techniques. 

Bodhi has a late July birthday, which puts him at being the youngest in his class or the oldest.  However, when you homeschool, I’ve noticed that the one-on-one attention has placed Bodhi ahead of the curb as far as academics, (we are working at a 1st grade level)….but don’t let that negate the fact that his maturity level is very much at a 5 year olds!

There is so much I would like to cover, but I will key you in on some of the things we do to be successful on a weekly basis.  

Today is “Maker Monday” at our public library.  Maker Monday involves younger children, (3-6 yo) learning about a subject matter that correlates with an art project.  Today Bodhi learned about scarecrows…that’s all he would say when I tried to pry.  

Mondays we take our schooling to the library after Bodhi’s “class”.  Bodhi and I worked on reading, writing, and spelling while Trout explored.

This boy blows me away with his determination and love of learning! I credit all that he does to his passion for knowledge, (I can be a bear and he still wants to be at home with his mom learning)

This boy blows me away with his determination and love of learning! I credit all that he does to his passion for knowledge, (I can be a bear and he still wants to be at home with his mom learning)


Trout trying to copy big brother

Trout trying to copy big brother




so much to see and do for little brother!

The boys are 3 1/2 years apart;  they are at different developmental stages in their life. While Trout is not able to read like his big brother and Bodhi doesn’t get excited about play tables like he did at 2…I believe my boys are both better off learning primarily through play.  So, after Bodhi and I read a story, work on comprehension of  reading, a brief spelling list, and possibly writing a single sentence..he is off and playing with his favorite buddy.


I’m sure the library appreciates our presence, (they look crazy, but thankfully their rough play is decibels quieter then most their age)


Any sort of chaos is always brought to a halt when a train passes by…nearby train tracks are another great feature of utilizing the library for work.  Trout is in LOVE with trains and it is a great way to distract him for a moment while I work with his brother.

After homeschooling today we hustled home to try to pack for Montana! We are headed west to see cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandma! we couldn’t be any more excited.  

Silly me, I didn’t think about us being too busy to eat everything I had in the fridge…Determined not to let anything spoil; dinner was a collaboration of my cooking ingenuity and my boys willingness to eat anything mom makes, (as long as it has copious amounts of tortilla chips on top).


“tortilla soup” roma tomatoes, carrots, bell pepper, red onion, cilantro, spices, chickpeas…Dinner! our favorite “chip”

And…because my boys were still wired after dinner…we headed out to our favorite spot, the high school steps.  Dad was a long ways off from arriving home so I put Trout on my back and we hustled up the hill together 10 x’s!  (Trout did 1 solo and Bodhi did 5).


I am hoping to share my favorite running routes, places to eat, tourist hotspots, and other fun happenings  Bozeman related in my up and coming blogs…stay posted!

Do any of you make dinner from the hodge podge ingredients left behind to spoil?

What is your favorite place to get out and burn off some energy?



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