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Living My Truth!

Before I dig in deep….here are some photos of our Halloween fun yesterday!


okay, so maybe we don’t look like Waldo & Wenda, but we tried…lord only knows we tried!


Ryan and I have agreed since day one of our little peoples’ arrival…life is abundantly better with them around! This year we decided to join our hooligans in costume festivity…hence the Waldo/Wenda get-up…Tulee & Rouix even joined in, (although it was not willfully…they both walked with their heads down in shame).

On to today.  I was running my “longer” run for the week and listening to my new favorite podcast, “Running on Om” (ROO).  Julia is a great host and her guests all are unique in their story but equally inspiring.

Today’s topics included starting a business and leaving a life lacking passion and the other cast episode was about a yoga instructor living authentically.  Both “spoke to me” leaving me aspiring to be a better version of myself.

I got to thinking on my 1:47:43 timed run today…am I living in my truth? and after much deliberation, (because this is a recurring thought of mine on runs)…I decide Yes.  I am living my truth.wpid-20151101015743.jpg


miles of dirt road, great for doing some heavy thinking!

What do I mean by this?  My truth is being authentically me.  It is striving to live in the present, filled with no regrets from the past and no fears of the future.  Am I always able to move on from my past? heck no.  Am I ever fearful of what is to come?  of course!  BUT, the majority of the time, what I’m doing, who I am with, and what I have chosen to put energy into is completely soul satisfying.


Aside from snuggling my little men…running makes me feel most alive!

My health and getting to a good place in my life has been a struggle/journey.  One I plan on continuing to work hard at for the rest of my life.  However, in those moments when I’m out listening to podcasts or only the sound of my breath and feet hitting the ground…I find solitude and peace in who I am and what I have accomplished at that very moment.  

How do I “live my truth” every day?

  • Taking breaks from the “routine” in life.  Yes, I do homeschooling with the boys, cook, clean, run, shop….but, every day in some way I mix it up, (incorporating yoga, which I don’t do near enough, wearing my hair differently…doesn’t have to be much, but it does make a difference). 
  • Telling those around me how much they mean to me and have made my life better by being in it.  Lately, I have realized that life is not worth living without those to enjoy the journey with.  I am inspired by my loved ones, friends, fellow bloggers/runners and want them to know what they’re presence has made me a better person.
  • Not falling into the trap of comparing myself to anyone else.  This one is tough! especially in the world of running.  It is easy to look at another’s accomplishments and ask yourself, “why can’t that be me?” but in reality that isn’t you…you have no idea the life they really lead and the sacrifices they made to get there.  Comparison never leaves you fulfilled so I just try really hard not to go there; ever.
  • taking a breath! this is the most primal/basic of thought…but so “life affirming” for me.  Slowing down and taking a breath (doesn’t require anything but a brief second)…I’m so very thankful to be alive, in this world I am in, and sometimes you just need to honor the gift of breathing, (don’t you always notice how much you miss something until its absent from your life? same concept)



Thank you mother nature for making today’s run particularly awesome! thank you legs for carrying me all the miles you do…and thank you Ryan for manning “parent” duty while your wife got out and rediscovered her bliss.



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