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What are My Fall Favorites?!!

Hey all!  I was reading one of my favorite blogs over at jenchoosesjoy.  She has started to post youtube videos and did one on her fall favorites…I don’t normally have the attention span to participate in a survey, but this seemed really fun.  Plus, I’m always looking for a way to help you all know my inner geek better….please post any of your favorites in the comments if you have time!
Favorite fall candle scent?  Candles aren’t really my thing, (plus I have kiddos and two rowdy dogs…fire hazards for sure).  However, I love essential oils! my fall scents are Breathe & On Guard oil from doterra.  Yes, I know that they are considered remedies for cold/flu season…but they really do smell amazing…and when you have little munchkins you are bound to have a bug or two and these oils run 24/7 in my diffuser starting in the fall and ending late spring.doterra-breathe-essential-oil-blend

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? I love them all….but coffee hurts my stomach if I consume too much, (and I wimped out my adrenals with a cup too many starting at a ripe age of 2 1/2..yes, I really did start drinking coffee then…) so I’d have to go with tea.  I love earthy teas; not a fruity tea fan unless iced.
Best fall memory? Anything to do with being outside.  Growing up in MN, you got quite a show with all the foliage! I am in love with cooler weather where a sweater is necessary!  Fall was always dry-land training when I was in skiing and fall time always takes me back to running around with the ski team, (plus that was the time my Dad and I really spent a lot of time together so it is a time worth coveting).
Favorite fall fragrance? Campfire.  Fall was always bonfire season for us when we lived back in WY.  Great memories surrounding keeping warm by the fire on a cold Wyoming night.

my idea of heaven

my idea of heaven

Favorite Thanksgiving food? I don’t think I have one, (not a cop out I swear).  I love all sides involving the holidays.  How about this…least favorite Thanksgiving side…mashed potatoes….love me some sweet potatoes…but when you can’t have cream or dairy…mashed potatoes hold no candle to a good roasted potato…so I could definitely leave that off my plate.
Most worn sweater?  I wear jackets like most people wear sweaters…in fact, I probably own more jackets then I do anything else in my wardrobe.  When the weather turns cold…my husband has to beg me to take this off when indoors, (his favorite response to me wearing it, “are you sticking around for a while?”)

An oldie, but a goodie...this is my favorite fleece!

An oldie, but a goodie…this is my favorite fleece!

Football game or jump in a leaf pile?  Leaf pile. Enough said.
Favorite type of pie? Deliciously Ella’s raw/vegan Pecan Pie…Don’t knock it till you try it!peacn-pie-4-460x406
What’s the Autumn weather like where you live? A little bit of everything! cold, warm, windy, calm, wet, dry….the joys of living in the midwest!
Dark lips or winged eyeliner? Neither.  I admire all you who know how to apply make-up.  I do not.  I look like a 5 year old who got into her mom’s make-up drawer, yup.
What song gets you into the fall spirit? “Thriller” Michael Jackson always played in the fall at my Grandma’s house…Halloween to us is probably like Christmas to most.images-2
Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? I’m still trying to start a “London Fog” movement. (Earl Gray Latte)
Favorite fall tv show?  Don’t have one. But, growing up meant Warren Miller ski movie time…they were a staple in our household, (skiing was a mutual passion in our family)Unknown-20
Skinny jeans or leggings? Leggings…I can’t run or chase after my boys in skinny jeans
Combat boots or Uggs? Neither? (they should add, Hunter Boots) wpid-20151001065634.jpg
Halloween: yay or nay? yay, especially now that I have my boys to enjoy it with!

Bodhi making a "robot" jack-o-lantern

Bodhi making a “robot” jack-o-lantern

Fall mornings or evenings? Both! mornings have been great again, because I’ve been getting out and enjoying the crisp air!

early morning run, check!

early morning run, check!

Black Friday: yay or nay? nay, I don’t like crowds, I don’t like shopping, and why would you when you can do it online?!
Favorite Fall 2015 trend? Falling in love with fall!  I feel like this is Fall’s year! everyone I know has been gushing about this season, (or maybe I am just more involved in social media these days…)

Thank you Jen over at jenchoosesjoy! this was a fun way to get into the fall season as well as let you all get to know me a little better, (I’m pretty boring and kind of a big dork…so hopefully I kept some of you this long)



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