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The First Snow!

Winter is a tricky subject here in ND.  I think it’s pretty split down the middle…you’ll either find lovers of all thing cold, snowy, and winter-like…or you’ll talk to people who absolutely hate anything cold related and are looking forward to our 2 months of summer.


i guess it wasn't snow as much as hail...but it's cold enough to crystalize, yay!

i guess it wasn’t snow as much as hail…but it’s cold enough to crystalize, yay!

I am the 50% who eagerly awaits the first snow.  

From a very small age my parents made a point to make skiing and playing in snow more natural then walking…in fact, my sister started skiing at 18 months and so did her kids as well as mine!

We had this killer sledding hill too growing up that we would toboggan down.  The fun of it started with the first snow. We had dried up corn stalks from our garden at the bottom of the hill, (which we could have taken down, but now that I have kids of my own…I think my parents kept them up for entertainment value).  We would fight over who took the front on our first trip down.  The unfortunate soul who lost out on the argument, stoic in every way, would take the front and hold on for dear life.  You would barrel down the hill flying into rows of corn stalks while screaming half in glee and half in horror hoping you didn’t get hit too hard by a frozen husk.  After hours of sledding we would usher inside to my mom’s amazing pot roast or apple pie…memories you guys….memories.

Living here in ND isn’t quite like MN.  However, my love for snow and winter has never wavered.  I am notorious for running in the coldest of conditions.  I have a closet full of “jacket arsenal” to combat whatever winter has to throw at me.  I love the cold!  

Granted today was another story.  I love cold, BUT!!! I do not love cold, wind, and damp air…so today I ran my first Nark run indoors, (I’m sure Mat would call me a wimp…I will fly him up here just to have him push my stroller in 50 mph winds and cold…he’d probably do it without even blinking) =)

I feel like running on a treadmill is cheating until I hop on and have to rally my troops, (aka the toddlers) while trying to focus on running 9 miles)

I feel like running on a treadmill is cheating until I hop on and have to rally my troops, (aka the toddlers) while trying to focus on running 9 miles)

“Nark” run?

you guys I am excited to share with you my journey with hiring a running coach.  I will share more in a post tomorrow…but, let’s just say that with this guy’s loyal followers, admirable tenacity/enthusiasm, as well as his ability to make someone like me who is extremely humbled feel “special” is worth hiring! (he is also incredibly certified, has an impressive number of PR’s with his runner’s…qualified? most definitely!)  His runners are great individuals as well and I am excited to be part of their group! (only wishing they weren’t so far away! NY yikes!)

Training for Boston this winter will be interesting if it’s really cold…imagine I will be spending some time at our dome over at the U.  Played there with the boys and their friends today…it was a blast and great to get a feel of what I’m up against.


my little tracksters


Bodhi and his friend are little speed demons


Trout is like his Dad, Pe Pe le Pew…slow & steady but always manages to get ahead in the end

How do you guys train in the winter months?  

Do you train on a treadmill or endure the cold, no-matter-what?


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