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Beets, Garmins, Down Jackets Oh My!

I think I should change my blog name from runnellyrun to splurgenellysplurge =)  I don’t know the last time I have allowed myself to get so many new things in one month.  It started out with the running gear from Oisellewpid-20151023074101.jpg…then my Garmin of 9 years decided to go missing, (not before it wouldn’t connect me to satellite unless I was standing on my head in the middle of a corn field…well not really…let’s just say it wasn’t working very well) so of course I had to replace it,

then I found a killer deal on a down jacket. If you know what kind of cold we get here….you wouldn’t have passed up the deal either.  The jacket is usually worth more then I spend on food in a month and I ended up paying 70% less then that…again it was a D-E-A-L.

No longer going to have to suffer from a cold bum

No longer going to have to suffer from a cold bum

It is really hard to want to spend anything on myself when I don’t “bring home the dough”.  I know what I do is invaluable, but there is still that factor of never receiving a paycheck that really reigns in my spending, (don’t read into this folks! Stay-at-home moms should not feel that this applies to you! this is my own psychoneurosis!  I know for a fact my husband supports…encourages me to spend more on myself, (he swears on a daily basis that if he did what I do every day he would have eaten our children out of frustration by now) 😉

My way of thinking will have to be forever an improvement, but I feel like I made up for all of those times I didn’t want to spend a little on myself in this last month.   

Who here loves cake?! I do…well actually I don’t know if I really love cake as much as I love the idea of eating something that feels reminiscent of a job well done, (growing up, food was a reward for me…I am trying to un-train myself of this).  I have been really trying to calm the inner sugar monster of mine.. so I have been making my “treat” consumption less sweet and more “good eats”


I made myself a beet root cake with cacao powder, applesauce, buckwheat flour, and maple syrup.  The filling is coconut cream, almond butter, touch of agave, and cacao…the topping is canned coconut milk cream whipped up into a “cream”, (original recipe from deliciously ella).

Some of you might be thinking, “this is not cake!”…I agree…it isn’t the classic cake I grew up with that contained confectioners sugar and white flour…this is so satisfying, tastes amazing, (not like dirt, I promise all you beet haters), and I ate it for breakfast and didn’t feel hungry until 2!  Will I make this a regular eats? maybe…but it set the tone for the rest of the day and dinner was this!


roasted veggies, red cabbage saute, italian style quinoa, with a tahini dressing…Start the day feeding the body right and it pretty much craves the healthy stuff for the remainder of the day, (at least for my body). 

Interested in recipes? I will or can post if requested!

Do you live in a place that is cold enough like me that requires a 3rd income to stay warm?  




  • Kathy Watkins says:

    Heh there it’s your midwife Fun to follow you, my compliments!!

    • Danielle says:

      Yay! I am so glad to hear from you! Hope life is going well for you. You were always an inspiration for me…an awesome midwife and equally talented athlete!

  • Love the jacket! It also gets really cold where I am, and I have to say I’m really dreading what this winter has in store!

  • Val says:

    I’m glad you treated yourself to some nice things. You deserve it. Maybe its like your “paycheck”: you don’t see it in a piece of paper, you get to choose what you are worth. I think you’ve done good. Want to know my paycheck I’m waiting on? A tropical vacation!! It will come, even if we have to eat beans and rice for a month! 😉 hehe

    • Danielle says:

      Thank you Val! it is always nice to have someone understand the life of a “pay-check-less” job…just money, but it does get you tropical vacations and new running gear =) Grand scheme of things…worthwhile trade off…haha, does Tim know you are going to confine him to beans and rice for a month 😉

  • Sarah says:

    Would love the recipes! Yum! (And score on the new fun stuff!!)

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