Run Nelly Run

Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

Almost 30!

No, I’m not talking about my age…I’m 31…I’m actually talking about my mileage this weekend!

Saturday I ran 20 miles with a new running buddy. I am so happy to have found, Sarah.  You guys, I have to brag on Sarah for a second!


I love this lady and am pretty sure she is one of the toughest girls I know!

Sarah is an ultrarunner. Personal trainer. RRCA certified running coach and Restorative Exercise Specialist. She is legit!  More importantly though….she is passionate about running, she enjoys the journey of running with someone new, (even if I got us both lost, ended up running us through some sketchy neighborhoods, oh and yup…got us stuck running on a highway with semis….running bud of the year folks!), and she is gracious about what she knows and genuinely wants everyone to succeed in all things running.  

I won’t divulge just yet on how the stars aligned and I was able to meet her…but I’m glad I did and I hope to have many more runs with this lady in the future…please check her out here or here…you won’t regret it!

I wrapped up my Saturday on a complete high! Ryan and I also took the boys over to Boo at the Zoo…we both felt like they were the cutest kids there, (don’t we all feel that way as parents!)

yes, Miles From Tomorrow Land has black hair, but we think he's better as a blonde ;)

yes, Miles From Tomorrow Land has black hair, but we think he’s better as a blonde 😉

Dark Knight giving his best "tough face" for Mom

Dark Knight giving his best “tough face” for Mom

Sunday I was planning on doing a “shake out” run…but ended up getting a surprise text by another great running bud and had another early morning, (which you ladies should know…if I get up early in spite of nursing all night…I love you and running and would have it no other way!)

Brittney and I took an “easy” run going 9 miles in 1:05…she cracks me up! we are both huffing it at a good clip all the while making sure to “keep-up” with the other 😉  I don’t know what I would do without my runs with this lady! If I ever need to contemplate what it might feel to run with me from Ryan’s POV…all I have to do is think of her and I am reminded that it is great to have someone challenge you (maybe Ryan doesn’t see it that way, but I do)!


I got to try out my Oiselle style! I loved my shirt, (it was 30 and damp) I ended up running in just the long sleeve and felt great. Didn’t know what to do with my other hand so PEACE


it was so cold, my phone fogged up…my nugget was a real sport sleeping in the stroller while us ladies ran this AM

I ended my Sunday hanging out with the 2 furry critters at the dog park in town; I think Trout thought it was a new playground for him…he had a blast there as much as the pups



trying to coerce the dogs into following him into the tunnel

they wouldn't bite...he's pretty pleased with himself

they wouldn’t bite…he’s pretty pleased with himself

I’ve often been asked if I own any jeans…to that I reply, yes but just one pair and I only wear them once a year when my running cloths are wet from a weekend of extra mileage


PS…the boots I’m wearing were my Moms when she was 21…they’re Frye boots and I’m in love…I wear them with just about anything…jeans, shorts, leggings…. (don’t tell my running shoes, but I think I love my boots more)

Hope you all had as adventure-filled weekend as I did! 

How many of you use halloween candy as money and let your kiddos trade it for matchbox cars or legos? (we do and love it…so does Bodhi)


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