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My First Official Oiselle Purchase! (and a day of overindulging)

I have been singing the praises of Oiselle for quite some time now, but I have been too nervous to order anything for myself for a couple of reasons…

  1.  I am a nursing mama, so I tend to go up and down in top sizes depending on the amount of feeding Trout decides to do that day, (less feeding = bigger chest!)
  2. I will spend an arm and a leg on my boys, but when it comes to myself I am stingy.  I still have shorts from high school, (my husband laughs at me when I sport my old school running gear; it’s safe to safe way back when, it was not getting used nearly as much as it does now)


My love for instagram these days led me to a Oiselle post that offered 50% off shorts if you purchased a long sleeve shirt.  Seeing that the weather is getting colder, I’m a sucker for long sleeves with thumb holes, and I can finally sport a brand that I’ve been so excited about…it wasn’t hard to convince me.  

I’m excited to sport my new running gear!

Other then my happiness-invoking mail delivery…I might have had one of those over indulgent days that had some of this


Fall might mean pumpkin spice lattes for some, but it means “London Fog” aka earl gray latte weather for me.


I bought myself a tin of Harney & Sons Earl Gray Tea and a carton of soy milk, (don’t usually drink soy milk, but it makes the best non-dairy froth!) I will be consuming these on a daily basis until I go through the tin of tea…at least that’s what I tell myself.

I might have had a cookie craving as well and decided to make a batch of gluten free, dairy free toffee crunch chocolate chip cookieswpid-20151023074111.jpg


I love a “doughy” cookie…these fit the bill !

I used pear puree for half of the shortening, (which I buy with responsibly harvested palm oil…I cannot eat a cookie in good conscience if an animal is hurt for my guilty pleasures) and substituted the brown sugar with coconut palm sugar…lets face it though…a cookies a cookie! but that didn’t stop me from consuming more then I’m willing to share.

I ended my “sugar-binged” day making some banana-based “coffee” ice-cream.  I’m not a huge banana fan….so I was hesitant to try what seems like the “in-thing” of ice-cream at the moment.  I’m glad I caved! it is creamy, sweet-toothed satisfying, and will hopefully give me a potassium boost for my long run tomorrow!



I might be buying up all of the “bad” bananas at the grocery store, (which are super cheep) and will be making this a lot! There are so many flavor combinations I am excited to try!

I’m hoping to have a less indulgent day tomorrow….if only sugar and I didn’t have such a complicated relationship! (of all of my vises this is definitely the one I wish I could fix the most).  

Do any of you have a love/hate relationship with all things sweet?

Have you tried the banana ice-cream? what flavor combinations have you tried?




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