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Top 10 Bulk Food Buys

I was sitting here making my Azure order, which is a family-owned company that provides bulk “whole” foods to people across the U.S..  Thankfully I have a “drop” here in ND and I am able to reap the benefits of this company once a month.  Once a month us Azure people gather round a semi truck at a local K-Mart parking lot and pick up our goods…I’m sure it looks majorly sketchy to outsiders….but, I don’t care, you do what you can to eat healthy.

I thought I would share with you some of our family staples that we stock up on monthly:

  1.  Coconut oilearth_family_foods_coconut_oil_3Okay so we don’t buy this monthly….but this is on our “list” when we’re running low.  I buy a gallon at a time! we use it any where from cooking with, rubbing on cuts to ward off infection, in baked goods, as well as a million other things…I don’t really know what I would do with myself if they told us tomorrow that coconut oil was bad, (but they say that about eggs every other year…so I’m going to keep happily ingesting this super oil).

2.  SpicesUnknown-11   I use cinnamon and pizza seasoning on a daily basis.  I am not a fan of buying spices from the store; I don’t know how long they’ve been sitting there or what has been added to them, (I’ve heard that some ground pepper has sawdust added to it…if that’s true I’m pretty sure I’ve ingested an entire tree by now)  We have a bulk section at our store, but cinnamon and pizza seasoning are so expensive in bulk, (and I prefer Azure’s spices) that I buy these every 3-4 months.

3.  Frozen Fruitimages I love the idea of Ryan eating well while away from home.  I could be a “good wife” and make an actual meal.  But, I have learned that even if you do…it’s no different then sending a kid to school with a bagged lunch…99% of the time it ends up being abandoned; left to rot and stink up the truck until someone discovers it.  I bought Ryan a NutriBullet.  I pre-make 2 shakes and all he has to do is blend them up at work.  It has been working out great.  Every month I buy different fruit and Ryan says he has not been bored yet.

4.  Fruit/veggies for JuicingUnknown-12 I don’t always juice like I would like…but when I do remember to, (and you do tend to remember when you’ve bought 25 lbs of apples that you don’t want to go bad) my family and I feel so much better incorporating them into our diet.  My favorite juice lately has been my “hot pink lemonade” you should check it out if you haven’t already.

5.  KevitaUnknown-13 I think this is the “gate-way” drug into the world of fermented foods.  These drinks are a great source of probiotics, they taste great, and there is enough flavor variety that you’re sure to find one you like, (my favorite is the “daily cleanse”  I am a big lemon, ginger, cayenne fan).  I stock up on these so that before an intense work-out I drink a Kevita and feel energized! (they are not an energy drink…but they do give me energy).

6. SunbutterUnknown-14 Like coconut oil, this stuff gets used for a lot of different things in my kitchen.  My most favorite applications are smeared inside a frozen medjule date for a night time snack, in place of any “peanut butter recipe” (but be careful! your baked goods will turn out green because of sunflower seed’s colorophyll content…still tastes great and harmless…big hit with the little men crowd), using in my thai dressing recipe, (need to share with you!), and using it in some of Ryan’s smoothies.

7.  Coconut milk/cream


Unknown-15I think we might have a slight coconut addiction in our house.  Lately, when I’ve been craving “ice-cream” I make my own version using a can of coconut cream, frozen berries, and a dash of maple syrup or agave….it’s creamy, ice-cream like, and it cures me of eating the “bad-stuff”.

I use coconut milk in place of heavy cream, smoothies, and lately I’ve been using it in a quick curry broccoli soup; it’s safe to say we go through a lot of coconut milk.

8.  Raw cashew piecesUnknown-16

Cashew is another multi-faceted ingredient.  You can use cashews for homemade nut milk, vegan cheese, frozen “cream” desserts, energy bar recipes, butter….it’s a great thing to have on hand.  I buy 5 lbs at a time and keep it in my freezer, (to keep it from going rancid)  

9.  Coconut waterUnknown-17Surprisingly, I don’t really care for coconut water unless fresh from a young thai coconut.  However, my husband loves drinking coconut water…so I buy enough to last him a month at a time.  I feel good that he chooses drinking coconut water over soda or coffee.

10. Sheltons Turkey Productsimages

I don’t like to buy meat from our local market.  My husband is a hunter, so all things “red” are covered.  My Beez loves poultry so I buy ground turkey, turkey dogs, and turkey breakfast sausage in bulk to keep around for a quick pull-together dinner.  I sound like a broken record, but we love love love versatile ingredients in our house, and turkey is another one of those ingredients.

Those are our top 10 bulk food buys.  I have been known to order other things from Azure, but those listed above are our “staples”.  I hope to post recipes containing these ingredients in the near future.



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