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Test Run on New Shoes

I had kind of forgotten the magic of Christmas and Santa….until I started running on a regular basis and required new shoes more frequently.  What felt like FOREVER for my new shoes to arrive, alas! they finally came by the man who might as well be wearing a red suit, Mr. FEDEX (ps, he probably thinks I’m a little off color when he walks up to my house and sees me dancing with joy with my shoe box in his hand…if only he knew). 


I had mentioned earlier that I am usually a Brooks girl.  However, I wasn’t sold on the last pair of Ghost and Pure Flow 4….don’t get me wrong, they’re good, but they didn’t feel great.  I have used Saucony in the past and loved them, but they wore down too quickly.  I did my homework and ordered the Saucony Triumph.  I’m really glad I did.

As most of you know I have been following Janae over at Hungryrunnergirl.  She is truly inspiring….and SPEEDY! 

I knew I had a “track-Style” run I wanted to do today, (Track Tuesday…they both start with a T…it only makes sense really) so I searched her site to see if she posted a work-out she’s done…success!  

I had an early morning of running amok with kiddos, so I made this a treadmill event.  My run went like this


1.5 mile warm up (7:30)

400m – 1:20

400m – 1:15

800m – 2:30

800m – 2:30

400m – 1:16

800m – 2:40

400m – 1:15

400m – 1:15 — all with a 2 min. rest in-between 

1.5 cool-down (7:30)

Phew! you guys it kicked my butt!  Thanks to my little man…I looked like I was taking it like a pro 😉

What did I think of the shoes? I LOVED THEM!

They fit amazing around my foot, no squeezing on the top like I’ve been feeling with my Brooks.  They are light weight, feel like my Brooks Pure Connect, (which I use for races).  I’m not giving up my Brooks for my race shoes, but I found my new “training/longer-run” shoes…I’m in love <3

It was a rainy fall day and there was a brief break in the clouds so we did a little bit of this



You all, it breaks my heart that my big man does not like his bike! I refuse to let him give up and I decided he was to ride it on a walk today.  That boy will make up any excuse under the sun not to ride it…my favorite and classic Beez excuse,

“Mom, I can’t use my bike today because I haven’t poo’d yet and it pushes on my bum when I sit”…only someone like me would have a son who can use my obsession with her boy’s and their bowel habits to get out of riding his bike….he’s genius! (I’m not a freak, I promise! I studied nutrition in my undergrad as well as for my masters…anyone who has gone through both programs know you get well versed in all things #2).

If any of you have suggestions on how to get my little guy to love his bike, I’m open to suggestion!

I look forward to returning to the road with my Sauconys! you know you’ve done good on finding a shoe when it calls you back to a run immediately after you just finished a butt kicker not even 24 hours ago.





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