Run Nelly Run

Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

Another Productive Sunday!

I don’t know what it is about Sunday…but, all of us got the motivation bug again and got much needed fall work done!


I usually rake the entire yard solo…but this year my men helped out! it was awesome! (thank you Rye for brining a leaf blower home! why didn’t we think of this 5 years ago!) The only thing I dread about fall is the amount of leaves that need to be raked…why don’t I live out in the country where lawn maintenance is handled by horses, cows, and sheep? (I’ve got the ranch bug and my rancher boy husband needs to move us to one asap)

It’s funny how lawn work is so much more enjoyable, (and stressful) with these goobers!  never a dull moment (like raking an entire pile of leaves only to have them thrown about…or dog poop discovered and picked up by youngest, ugh)… they should have an olympics set up entirely around mothering accomplishments…some events could include:

  • changing a diaper with child standing 
  • running while pushing a stroller, pulling two dogs, and helping toddler ride bike up a hill, (would this be a “me” specific event…because, yes I do this often)
  • my favorite, “driving through a school zone with children running amok while child projectile vomits after discovering putting finger down throat makes self throw-up (yes that really does happen, and mine find it funny when Mom freaks out)

nugget found his Dad’s drill and was having a lot of fun sneaking around “drilling” the yard….until Dad figured out what he was doing =)



The “beez” style

After a LOOOOONG day working on the lawn, (and the entire morning I spent cleaning the house top-to-bottom) I wanted to do a “shake-out” run and see how my legs felt from yesterday


I ran 5.5 miles.  The first 4 felt great…but the copious amounts of sun butter I ate at lunch decided to give me some digestive distress….I don’t normally get “runner’s belly”…but I was not feeling hot! thank goodness my two dogs decided they didn’t want to run either and I had to take it down several notches,  (those two are true chessies! as soon as I let them off the leash they were running around like puppies, but having to run with “mom” they decide to act like their seniors with debilitating pain….they are my stubborn hairy humans!)


“hairy human #1” seriously who’s dog uses pillows like this!



“hairy human #2”

Yesterday’s long run and todays run I tuned into the podcast  “Running on Om”  


You need to check this out! I have heard some amazing guest speakers.  I appreciate “uncensored” dialogue between two people who have a passion for living life and sharing their personal journey towards becoming their truest self.  

I was interviewed a long time ago on a MN radio show about my journey dealing with and healing from anorexia…It is never easy to share your story, and I admire people who choose to “live-out-loud”; you never know if someone who’s listening is on the “other-side” of things and needed to hear your story.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I was thinking of sharing what I eat, do, or homeschool like in a day…any interests?


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