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Perfect Time to Test New Shoes!

So I’m in this sort-of running hiatus if you’ll call it that.  I am not “seriously” running until January, however, don’t want to hurt my legs while “running for fun”.

 I have worn out my previous pairs of shoes with my last couple of half marathons and training….so do I go with my tried and true Brooks?


and No.

I love love love my Brooks Pure Connect


Brooks pure connect 4


A little birdie over at BRC (Bozeman Running Company) told me that they would be discontinuing this shoe.

Quick question….why do they do that?! I feel like in the running shoe world…it is not enough to keep a good thing; you have to tweak it to make it better…in turn….people like me end up really sad to see the original go (or maybe it’s a really smart marketing ploy to make you buy up their merchandise..hmmmm)

Anyways…I have been using the Pure Connect for my racing shoes and tempo runs and loving them.  They feel like a slipper and a running shoe had a baby and these were it.

For my longer runs I was alternating between the Ghost and Pureflow.  I love both of them, but I have found with each model the shoe is getting tighter around my mid foot and I have pains that I never dealt with using previous models, (again…change can be good, but in this case maybe not so much).


Brooks Ghost 7; a great shoe


Brooks Pure Flow 4- these were the shoes that were giving me pains on the top of my foot on longer runs

I went ahead and bought another pair of the Pure Connect, (I want to enjoy them while I can!)  

Instead of buying another pair of Ghost or Pure Flow I headed back over to my other brand of choice, Saucony.  

I did some research and I think I found a shoe that combined the comfort and support of the Brooks Ghost with the light weight feel and flexibility of the Brooks Pure Flow.  The shoe I  ended up buying was the Triumph ISO.  


Saucony Triumph ISO

Thanks to Tina Muir, a saucony athlete, as well as the overwhelmingly positive reviews from other runners, I am excited to receive my new pair of shoes!

I did entertain the idea of Hoka One One 


But, I decided that I will be visiting BRC in the near future and I know I’ve seen them there; so I can wait to try them out, (they are spendy and the reviews were pretty mixed…not worth buying without trying).

I’ll let you know how I like my Sauconys! 

Tomorrow is a rest day and then Saturday I plan another longer run…hopefully they will be here in time for that, (I love Amazon Prime!)

What are your favorite shoes? 

Have you tried the Hoka One One running shoes?





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