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Run Nelly Run

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A Look at My Day



Today was one of those perfect Pumpkin Patch fall days.  I am so thankful that these two boys enjoy each other as much as they do! I hope it remains that way.


People always ask me, “are you going to try for a girl?” or “don’t you miss having a girl in your life!”…I guess I don’t look at my “situation” that way.  The universe gave me what I was supposed to have…if there is a girl in our future, great.  However, I think I’m pretty blessed right now with what I have.

So, I have been loving my beets lately! I don’t know if they’re just really good right now, if I am low on iron and my body knows what it needs, or if I am just as mental as I’ve described in previous posts and feel like beets are my running super food.



Had another one of my “Hot” Pink Lemonades! I love how vibrant the color is! I must be more girly then I give myself credit for, because I am geeked out about the pink tiedye affect.


Along with all things healthy, I got this for my oldest to drink this AM.  Have any of you had these? He was pretty happy with it and polished it off in minutes… not too expensive either, so if you’re in a bind, might want to try these.

Speaking of trying things…


My cocogo arrived in the mail today!  Just in time for my Saturday long run.  I am anxious to try them out and will report back to you on how they were.  Thanks again to JenChoosesJoy for introducing them into my world! 


Aside from eating this big bowl of spaghetti squash pasta and trying to rest up for tomorrow’s run….my Friday night is going to be pretty boring to all you party animals, (I was asked to make 2 dozen gf, df cupcakes for a B-day party tomorrow, but that’s only a party for me…the weirdo who loves to bake on her Friday nights)

Oh! I did see a flying go-cart! and I might be in the middle of trying to hire a running coach….see! I’m not so boring =)


scared us with how loud it was…craziest thing I have seen so far in ND

Have a great, safe, happy weekend!


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