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Run Nelly Run

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It’s the Boss!

Aside from my running stroller, my Brooks, and my little running buddies….my next to favorite thing to staying in running shape is my gymboss interval timer.  


Interval/tibata training has really helped me gain strength as well as given me a chance to sneak in a relatively short workout with big benefits.

My workout today was inspired by these ladies over at Purely Twins.  Lori and Michelle are the go-to ladies for devising workouts that take minimal time and equipment but kick your butt.  My work-out today went like this

30 seconds alternating plank and high knees x 12 rounds


make sure to focus on high knees and form…even if you have to go slower


planks are a great all-over body workout!

Next I did 30 seconds each of skaters alternating with planks x 12 rounds


form is better then speed in these!


The next 12 minutes I made tough…

I started with 30 seconds burpees (with pushups) alternating with 30 seconds split mountain climbers x 12 rounds


I love/hate burpees! I am able to do 125 with pushups thanks to an amazing woman here who has inspired me to make these a part of my daily routine


These are mountain climbers with hip flexor burn

For the last 6 minutes I did 30 seconds of jump squats alternating with 30 seconds of Russian twists (I think they’re called that!) x 12 rounds

this is my favorite power move!

this is my favorite power move!

dog is looking at me like I'm crazy =)

dog is looking at me like I’m crazy =)

When you’re doing the Russian twists….keep your legs stationary and twist from your core…they don’t look like much, but they burn!

That’s it!  24 minutes and I got an all-over workout along with a bit of cardio.  Ryan and I later took a 3 mile run together and I consider this a great day as far as physical activity!


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