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Finding a Balance


Sometimes I find myself in a rut, especially with training for a race.  You work hard towards a goal and then after it is over you feel a sense of “loss”, (at least I do) or a feeling of “what next?”.  Thanks to an amazing friend who is an inspiration to me in so many ways….I was reminded of all the other great things I have going on in my life if I just stopped for a second to take a breath and relax.

Hanging out with Jennie and her kiddos made me realize, again, that while running has been a passion of mine, there are other things in my life that motivate me to live in the present and give me drive to aim for goals in the future.  

Finding balance is so important as a mom/runner/wife/a million other things. If one priority over rules the rest….things end up failing, flopping, not going as planned.  

So today, while I did get to go for a run this morning…I threw my everyday routine, (preschool, homeschool, run, chores, play, bed) to the wind and decided that spending time on our friend’s ranch was more important then routine and provided me with some much needed perspective.


North Dakota really does have a lot of hidden beauty if you’re willing to venture out and find it.  My friend, Jennie, is also really good at taking amazing photos!


Today we took a step out of routine and stepped into paradise.  I find I forget to stop and take a breath…I really liked seeing my boys  being outdoors, exploring, catching up on what’s happening in nature rather then trying to watch the iPod.


Trout got to explore independent of his brother while I tried to be a photmomgrapher, (yup, I just made that up)


Bodhi played with his 3 favorite blondies, (other then Trout) and with the help from the “chicken lady” got to hang out with his “peeps”


Overall, a great day! I got to have a mama “play-date”, my boys got to be outside playing, exploring, like kids should do everyday, and I think I made friends with this little lady with my attempts at a new cupcake recipe, (used coconut milk, avocado, and coffee…I think she liked them!)

my new pal! She is squish-worthy =)

my new pal! She is squish-worthy =)

Tomorrow…Back to the hustle and bustle of everyday, but thankful for today and the gift it gave us to just enjoy life, enjoy friends, and most of all be wild and free!

How do you find balance?  

How many of you agree that you are blessed to have a great friend, (and in my case, friends “plural”) that help you see your true bliss in life?




  • Jamie says:

    It’s can be a total reset to break rotinue on occasion. Today was a beautiful day to be outside with friends.

  • Val says:

    What a sweet day you had. Glad you can be spontaneous with your days and flexible with life.
    Those blondes are adorable by the way!

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