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What To Do!

So I find myself in that “runner’s limbo” where you are done with your running season, (unless you’re like me and sign up on a wim, last minute) but you are not ready to give up your current fitness level and don’t want to burn-out either.


I qualified for the Boston Marathon, Yea!   I don’t plan on starting to officially train for Boston until January…so what do I do until then?

Today I thought I would do my usual Track-style  Tuesday run.  After dropping the B-man off at preschool, (by the way I have a million pet names for my oldest…so if you are at all confused about who I am referring to, I apologize) I put Thomas the Train on for my youngest and got to work on the treadmill.

My workout went something like this:

  • Warm-up run 3.4 miles, (in Chile, gotta love my treadmill)
  • 4 minutes sprint 10.8 mph
  • 4 minutes rest 7 mph
  • 3 minutes sprint 10.8 mph
  • 3 minutes rest 7 mph
  • 2 minutes sprint 11 mph
  • 2 minutes rest 11 mph
  • 1 minute sprint 12 mph
  • 1 minute rest 7 mph
  • 30 second sprint 12 mph
  • 30 second rest 7 mph

I then reversed and went from 30 second sprint intervals back up to 4 minute sprint interval.  I was really happy with this drill because I ended up running my last set of sprints faster then my start; ending at 11 mph on my last 4 minute sprint!  I am not a numbers person, so sorry if you’re confused by all of this..I am a work in progress folks.

Picked up the Beez at school and headed off to the zoo, it was a beautiful day!


there’s a bridge at the zoo that divides N. American animals from the rest of the continents…the boys love running over this bridge!


my blondies!

Later after hubs got home from work, I asked if he wanted to do his T25 routine or run with me…he chose a jog, (I heart that man!) 2.8 mile jog with my men and didn’t feel an ounce tired or sore from this morning, success.

By the way, I got these in the mail!


I think I might have a sock fetish! By the way taking a picture of your own legs from the back….awkward.

advice on what I should do until Boston training? I’m a “rookie” runner, I need help!


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