Run Nelly Run

Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

Super-Motivated Sunday


I am happy to report that after my long run yesterday of 18 miles…my 5 or 6 mile run today felt amazing! (I didn’t bring my garmin so I can only guess by the time it took to run).

Another run sans-stroller!  while I love having my boys tag along, I do miss out on the view as well as this favorite running spot of mine.  It’s a hidden gem right by the high school.  For a brief moment in my run I feel like I’m in the country again.


I love fall! have i mentioned that?!

I am finding that with more on my plate, homeschooling, race training, cooking, cleaning, and a million other things that make me feel invaluable to my family I am more motivated to get things done; and I really do get more things done!  

I am loving how motivated I’ve felt lately.  Maybe it’s a fall thing!  I am much more of a fair weathered friend.


Bodhi’s new “buck” shirt! he’s pretty excited to wear it hunting with his Dad

Had to put a picture of these two ham sandwiches in my post too. I found enough time, (don’t exactly know how) to sew a “Buck” patch onto my son’s sweatshirt.  I made one like it for his cousin and he was feeling jealous, so this happened last minute.  Speaking of “jelly”, littlest man felt left-out of the picture taking shenanigans and had to be included!


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