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18 Miles & Separation Anxiety

This morning I woke up with the intent to run my long run early so that I could be back before my boys woke up.  Silly me.  Trout, my youngest, is on a “mama kick” these days.  

The morning went something like this, alarm goes off at 6:30…I nurse Trout one last time, (to assure that he would have a full belly before I left), got out of bed, ate breakfast, got dressed, and then heard this, “mama? mama! mama!”  I knew that there would be no long run outdoors….what is a mom to do in this situation?

a. give up the long run

b. improvise



I chose b and improvised…today I ran 18 miles on the treadmill while watching “A curious George Movie” and “Thomas the Train” and my toddler hung out with me the entire time, happy as a clam.


Big brother joined us at the end of the run…they love netflix time

Truth be told, I don’t like going out on my long runs early anymore.  It is a lonely task and something about running in the dark, alone, in a town with people moving in and out with gas and oil…just makes it seem less enjoyable and more of a “risk”.  Today I was also trying something new with my long runs…low & slow.  At the end of 18 miles my heart rate immediately went back to resting and I felt like I had gone on a 2 hour walk….so I think I held back well, (maybe not, but it was comfortable the entire time).  I also ate something more substantial mid-run, (a larabar).  I am not a gu fan and this really seemed to help sustain my energy!

After the run today I had another test of my level of exertion…cutting the lawn! cling-bot joined me on my venture; i felt great! not even the slightest bit sore and I was carrying nugget the entire time too.


yea, I love to ride in this!


not even 10 minutes into cutting lawn and this happened

Another thing I did differently today then I do on most long run days, nap!  As soon as I saw nugget pass-out I hurried up and finished


finished in record time…Tulee admiring my work

Gotta love weekends! with Dad around, Mom gets to nap! he even helped “cook” dinner tonight while I was sleeping, (cooking = heating up left-overs on the stove)…. However, A+, because I awoke to a warm meal, ( I am always HUNGRY on my long run days, so super awesome love!)

love this man! weekends are great for getting to spend quality time with him

love this man! weekends are great for getting to spend quality time with him

I guess the true test of the success of my long run day will be tomorrow.  Sundays I organize a stair run with Rye and the “stair crew”.  Hopefully my legs will be rested and free from soreness.

By the way… another reason I love fall are these pretty purple flowers I found growing right outside my house! They are a great pop of color against the bushes that are already in “hibernation mode” for the winter.wpid-20151005103926.jpg


When do you go for your long run?

What is the longest you’ve gone on a treadmill? 



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