Run Nelly Run

Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef


Today was a “rest” day for me as far as running was concerned.  Thankfully the weather really cooperated and gave me a dreary, rainy fall day and it wasn’t too hard to say no to going out for a run.

However, Fridays do really seem to be my best days for multiple reasons…

  • Friday means the weekend is near and I get to have the other adult in our house home for a couple of days so I can steal a run sans-stroller.
  • It’s my rest day for running, so I end up doing other fun stuff like dancing around my living room to this stellar DVD, (boy is it ancient…but I still love it and rock out to it with my boys.) side note on the DVD…Thank the lord for having babies…yes, I have stretch marks that will stand the test of time….but, BUT….I can shake whatever hips I have developed during the “salsa” portion of the DVD…feeling so much more womanly with my ahem, “hips”. >insert laughter<


    pretty sure this workout video is as old as me

  • Fridays mean that I’m only a day away from enjoying a long run.  Yes, call me a freak, but I love long runs and feel like it’s my time to hash over anything that’s been bothering me.
  • It’s Friday! does there need to be another reason?

Aside from salsa dancing around my living room with the windows wide open and ready for the neighborhood to see…The boys and I ventured out to Target, (my other rainy day fix, besides baking, cooking, reading books with the boys….)  I love cold weather because that means….


flannel sheets!

Bodhi and Trout have a bunk bed so I get to mix and match…I might not have the best style sense…but, these two prints were too hard to chose from so I decided that they were going to have different sheets….after all, we don’t want them having an identity crisis  😉


Trout’s bed <3



Bodhi’s bed, had to have the “arrows” to be like a hunter

Visited the car wash, which by-the-way is crazy expensive here! God bless gas-boom towns and their “hard to beat” prices


loving our carwash experience

We finished off our “zen” like day with Bodhi helping me make dinner. I am determined to make that boy love to cook. While dinner was simmering away, the boys and I sat down, (which is huge in our world..not a lot of sitting ever happens here) and read.  I have to say that between the iTunes “lullaby” station playing in the background and my two boys sweet smelling hair snuggled up against my shoulders…I was in heaven.  With that, hope you had a beautiful Friday too!


little chef hard at work



dinner tonight, chicken noodle soup, mmmmm!


reading time usually means marvel men of some kind, (Thor, Spider man, Ironman…they’ve all joined the party)


Happy weekend friends!

What do you do on your “rest” day?

Do your kids have the same marvel obsession mine does? I sometimes have “ironman” join us on a homeschooling day, (meaning Bodhi wearing his costume and pretending that Tony Stark is teaching me how to add)


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