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Passing on a legacy

Ryan and I were doing our usual daily recap in bed tonight when I was mentioning that I wanted to post to you all about making running a family affair.  He asked what I meant. I told him that what makes something truly worth while is when you can inspire others too fall in love with it too.  

So let me divulge a little.  My husband is nothing short of a great outdoors man.  He is all things hunting, fishing, backpacking, living off a can of kipper snacks and a sharp knife, (he would be happiest dropped off in the middle of nowhere in Alaska…sorry babe not going to happen as long as you’re married to me; but let’s not get any ideas!) Our sons, in turn, are learning the love language of their father’s passions in life…both of them know the difference between a riffle and shotgun just by looking at foam cutouts their dad made them to play around with in the house, (don’t judge, anything is a gun these days).  Trout, the other day, remained napping in the truck right next to his dad and brother shooting riffles…I stand no chance once hunting season starts and these boys get a little bit older. 


mr. outdoor himself…enjoying one of his loves, fly fishing during a float trip

However, where do I fit in to all of this?! I am not anti-hunting.  In fact, I am all for it! I love scouting out elk in the fall, calling them in hearing them bugle back…it gives me goosebumps.  I am the person who could never pull the trigger, but I’m elbow deep gutting the animal after, getting it hung, and processing it into steaks and burger with the rest of the crew.

I want my boys to know and feel what makes me happiest in life.  Obviously, my family fits that bill…but what makes me, me is running, cooking, eating good food, and enjoying life as much as possible.  I am pretty sure that the boys have no idea how good they have it in the food department…but, I am starting to see the spark in them that makes one hooked for life as a runner.

Since the boys were fresh out of the womb I have been taking them along in the stroller.  Rain, shine, sleet, snow they have been through it all while their mom has lovingly dedicated time for herself to get out and do what makes me happy.  I think now that Bodhi has gotten older, he prefers that his mom runs, because I am one of those people that when I miss going for a run, I get a tiny bit crabby, (maybe a lot…they should make a shirt that says, “I apologize for what I said, I missed my run”)

Not only have my boys been pushed along in their palace on wheels…they have watched me these last few months dedicate myself towards running a marathon, several halfs, as well as local 5 and 10 k runs.  They have watched me work hard, push myself, and have seen me finish happy and gunning for more.  I believe I have Bodhi hooked soley on the medal factor.  I recently ran the Grand Forks Wild Hog half and he loved my medal, (it was of a hog…it was pretty cool).


this dude loves the hard wear!

What makes me really excited is that I see my boys wanting to run as well. Most of the races I’ve run have kid events too and Bodhi is always asking if he gets to run.  Trout would gladly join big brother, but, they aren’t letting 21 month olds run in races yet, shoot! Recently, I found out that there are local cross country races for school aged kids.  So, every Monday for the last couple of weeks, the boys and I have been heading down to the park to have Bodhi compete while Trout and I cheer him on…so much fun! 


they don’t just sit and stroll! these boys are more then happy to get out and join me on a run



mr. blondie waiting to cross the finish with me at the Red Lodge Nitty Gritty



Beezer running in a kids race for the 4th…he sure runs like his mama!

My hope is to continue to encourage my boys to get out and run.  More importantly, I hope to encourage the passions they do pursue while I continue to pursue mine along side of them.  Maybe they won’t be running fanatics like their mom….but maybe I can run along the river bank while they and their dad fly fish on one of their many all-day float trips.


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