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Hello Fall!


running today on a “scenic” fall route

Hello fall! why are you in my life for such a short period of time?!

I am reminded today on my run why I love to do what I do.  Sometimes, as a runner, training can feel like a chore.  What! yes.  Running in below zero temperatures, (while being pulled over by cops worried you’ll freeze a lung…true story) or hot and humid temperatures…sometimes leaves you feeling discouraged.

Fall seems to strike that perfect cord of not too hot, not too cold, but just right for feeling great while your out pounding pavement.  I love that I am more focused on the changing fall leaves around me then in the monotony that I sometimes feel running in my home town.  Don’t get me wrong ND, I love you for all you have to offer, but you don’t have mountains, (sob), and there is a real lack of trees, (again, sob!)

I will continue my love affair until sadly all the leaves have fallen off the trees and my sidewalks are covered with snow, (which they do not plow here).  Until then, I love you fall…keep being beautifully you and I will keep visiting you, joyfully, on my daily outings.

What is your favorite time of year to run in?

Anyone else want to make fall about the love of running over pumpkin spiced lattes like me!  Let’s spread the love and post photos of fall runs rather then coffee ladened hands with the holder wearing chunky cable-knit sweaters and sporting the latest shade of red, ( I want to see falls new hair color, dark hair via sweat and your favorite colder weather running gear!)


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