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Wild Hog Half Marathon

There are a lot of things I am not fond of about mid-west living; however, the magnitude of how incredibly nice people are here is not one of those things I despise. Let me make that clearer….people here in ND are really, truly, honestly, genuinely NICE.

Case-in-point, my running experience at the Grand Forks Wild Hog Half Marathon. I could not have had better luck with the group of runners I found myself running with during the 13.1 miles. At the finish, people were amazing too. I had many coming up to me asking where I was from, if I am running for a college team, (thank you kind lady who made me blush by that comment!). Again, Midwest folks are just real nice!

I told myself going into the run that I wanted to run for fun. Who was I kidding? Due to my competitive nature I find myself going 150%. However, this race felt so much better in spite of going all out. I started the race with a smarter pace; this was huge! I always start of way too fast and have a hard time keeping up at the end. I felt good, if not great, up until around mile 10, (even with some tough head wind 50% of the time)…that seems to be my gut check point where I have to really hunker down and push myself to finish.


Remember my embarrassing moment with the headphones? I do! I still chose to wear my ear buds. I am glad I did; music just makes the miles go by faster.


I’ll only mention one more thing….Compression socks. Love them? Hate them? Do you think only pretentious runners sport the latest trend in running gear. I will admit I was a skeptic. I will own up to  making fun of  the obvious sales gimmick when I first saw them….silly me! I love my socks! Head case comment coming….I feel like my legs “feel” less heavy when I wear them on longer runs. I only call it a head case comment, because with me….I let my head get in the way of a lot and it would make sense that I could convince myself that something was working even if it were only a “sugar pill”. If you are a skeptic like I was…maybe try throwing on a pair…you might become a convert like me. This is my favorite brand if you were wondering what I use.

So….with amazing folks, a fun-filled racing event, and a new half PR for me…this weekend rocked.


race handed out great shirts, (with thumb holes!), a tumbler, socks, and one of the coolest race medals I’ve seen, (a hog looking all tough)



The 5th “golden girl”….cheap sun glasses are my must with captain destructor here…but I am looking silly in these! This was the shirt I received by the way…did I mention it has thumb holes!

If you are looking for a fun, family-centered event with races including a 5 K all the way up to a full marathon, (starting next year!) this is the event for you. Yes, it is not scenic Bozeman or a popular metropolitan city like the Twin Cities….but; I suppose that’s why I loved it so much. It had a small town feel with big city attractions, (the boys and I ended up spending the afternoon at CanadInn at their ginormous water park…there is a lot to do).


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